Walmart Grocery – What I Think After A Month

Walmart Grocery Pickup


We started using the new service at Walmart a little over a month ago. And not to sound dramatic BUT it has changed everything about grocery shopping for our family!


How Our Family Uses This Service

I place an order through Walmart Grocery Pick up once a week! I still do a monthly stop by Winco Foods bulk section for the staples like flour, sugar, etc. And Monthly Sam’s club trip for our big things. But as for our weekly needs like produce, bread, snacks, breakfast, and other meal items. It’s all been coming from Walmart and I haven’t had to step inside a Walmart store in a long time! (insert happy dance here)


We have discovered (at least for our area) same-day order/pick up doesn’t work. Because they are just so busy, in fact one of the workers told Ryan they have had up to 70 orders in a day!!

So, I place my order the night before I want to reserve a pick up time and I’ve never had a hard time getting the time I want.

Because I can fill my cart anytime on the app I usually have a few items in there all the time. When I’m standing in the kitchen and we use up the last piece of foil, or Ryan is digging in the fridge and says, we are out of lunch meat.. Instead of writing it on a list somewhere, I just put it in the cart on the app and it’s there, ready for when I complete my order.

We have been reserving to pick up between 5-6pm and it’s works out so great for us. Ryan gets off at 5 and then heads over to pick up the order. We usually choose to have our own bags in the trunk and the workers just put all the groceries in them right there at the car.

What happens when Walmart is out of an item you have ordered?

We have had a few situations. Only once have we had them come to the car and explain that they were completely out of the fresh herbs I had ordered. (their delivery truck was behind because of storms) They just deducted the items from our total and apologized for the inconvenience. It was a bummer BUT completely out of their control and nothing I could have done differently if I was the one shopping so I don’t think this reflects badly on this great service.

The other times they have been out of an item always turns out to benefit us! The manager explained their method of dealing with this when we first began, If you order let’s say a 12 oz jar of JIFF peanut butter and they are out of that size you will get the 20oz for the same price as the 12 oz. and that’s just that.

Last week we ordered a 16 oz jar of dry roasted peanuts and because they were out we ended up with a 35 oz jar!! (my guys did not complain haha)


When you are placing your order you can deselect the substitute button if it’s an item that you really want/need specifically.

So far our experiences with the employees in this department have been exceptional.  They usually give out free bottles of waters, If the boys are in the car they even have treats for them sometimes. And have bagged our items in the Walmart reusable bags for free when it has been raining to save time at the car!


Budget On Track!

I have really been liking that fact that I can see my growing total as I am putting items in the cart. This means I can put in all the “essentials” to complete meals and whatever and then add in the items everybody wants.. but if my total has surpassed my weekly set budget I can easily take out those extra items until next week.  ( The “old school” way of doing this meant me with my phone’s calculator trying to push a cart, grab items off my written list and keep track of the money spent all while in a busy grocery store and sometime half asleep because I use to do my shopping at 6 am on Saturdays!!!!) I have stayed on budget for our family this whole time! That’s huge guys!!!

Also there is the added benefit of not having those impulse items tempting you while walking the isles… you know when you’ve been there for far to long and start to get hungry. Or if you are like me and your 8 months pregnant and EVERYTHING in the store looks good!??!



Can I really put into words how convenient this service is?  There are NO crowds, NO pushing a cart, NO handling each item 4 times, NO parking, NO screaming toddlers (you are all welcome), NO hour-long – early morning shopping trips while my family sleeps cozy in their beds!!!

We are going to stick with this service and if you’d like to try it for your family  follow this link for $10.00 off your first order!


Check out our first review and thoughts on this service here:

Walmart Grocery Pickup Service



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4 thoughts on “Walmart Grocery – What I Think After A Month

  1. So glad you shared your experience with this service, because I’ve had the same great results! I’ve been using it for a few months now, and, for the most part, it’s gone smoothly. I’ve had wonderful employees bringing out and loading up my groceries. My kids are older now, but I know this would have been a real game changer when they were little!!

    I, too, like know exactly how much my total is before I even head to the store. Definitely helps with staying on budget!

    • I’m so glad you are enjoying it! Even my husband is excited about it since he would have had to take over the shopping completely in the next couple months with our baby’s arrival! He’s pretty relived that I’ll still be able to “shop” from my computer or phone! 🙂

  2. I knew I could order things online from Walmart and have them ready for pick up from my local Walmart. I didn’t know that they had a special grocery option.
    I’m all about taking care of things in a convenient manner like this. I think this will become a popular system in the years to come.

    • Yes! I think it will catch on for sure! I love that for walmart, it’s a free service!! and I’ve noticed (at least at our store) the quality of produce and other things has become so much better, So I think it’s helping them up their game a bit too! 🙂 I’m a big fan!

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