Today this Mama had to prove to herself that she really can do it!

train museum trip with mommy Today this Mama had to prove to herself that she really can do fun things all by herself, put away the anxiety and have fun!

I’ve gotten into a habit of always inviting others to come with us places… sure, the companionship is awesome and probably the main reason.. but, also  another set of eyes and hands to hold on to kids is so very welcome!

It has caused me to think I can’t go places and do things with the boys without help!

My awesome mama or friends, whose kids don’t seem to use every public opportunity to show how much of a handful they can be, can be my comfort zone!

There is something I should say about myself here. I have a pretty big problem with anxiety! especially in public places. I envy anyone who can be in a crowd and not have to fight off fears. Some of them, I will argue are legitimate, this world is a scary place. But of course there are also some that are just plain ridiculous and I’m working on it! 🙂 My brain is always working over time with issues (mostly imagined) that can happen , might happen, whatever. I definitely read to many news stories so that doesn’t help things either. But trust me when I say the number of possible (and even most unlikely) scenarios running through my mind at any given moment is astounding!

And then you add in the crazy variables that come with two toddlers with minds of their own… the struggle is real (as the saying goes these days).

So, today we went to the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento! If you haven’t been, you really should check it out. This is the second year we have had family passes because the boys just love it there! They run from train to train. Some you can climb in and even turn the brakes and things.. walk through and it feels like you are on a train ride. And then on the second floor there are lots and lots of Thomas and Chuggington trains and tables to play with! It’s always a great time! Also, with the passes we get to ride the 1 mile train ride that goes along the river, when it is running!

20160627_191624791_iOS 20160627_185801651_iOS california state railroad museum

We (ok it was Mommy)  really felt like we needed out of the house today and so we drove up there! The Lord blessed me with both boys having great attitudes and we all stayed safe and had a blast! The boys shared with the other kids at the toy tables, listened when I asked them to slow down. It was so wonderful!

And guess what I discovered?? I can do it!!!!! yay!



We even walked down the cobble streets and picked up some ice cream before heading back to the car where there was a fire truck and lots of firemen.. the boys got so excited to see them!! (course they were only at the parking garage because the elevator was stuck.. yikes!!) So, we walked up three flights of stairs and even though the boys were so tired they did a great job!


I’m sure some of you are thinking that it isn’t a big deal. and that I only have two kids… and I am certain there is some level of over reacting on my part for sure.

But, I’ll celebrate this little victory for myself and hope it’s the start of some great growth (and release) for this mama!



James was a sleep before we even made it to the freeway and William was out less than 10 minutes down the road. I enjoyed the ride home with my iced tea and an audio book!

We’ll go ahead and file this day away as a success! 🙂

sacramento river, bridge


Oh and here’s a weird little trick I use when I’m somewhere all alone…

parking garage pic to remember where we parked!

I take a picture of where we are parked.. so in case I don’t remember or I get confused I have something to help! (yes, this is part of the over stressing, over worried part of my brain.. Can you imagine if I couldn’t find the car with two tired and worn out tots in tow??? anyways, it helps me a lot!)

How about you? Are you way more relaxed and can conquer the world with all your kiddos in tow without a second thought? Or do you over think everything and stress when it isn’t necessary?


If you do struggle, what are the kind of things that have helped you in dealing with your fears and hesitations? I’d really love to know!




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4 thoughts on “Today this Mama had to prove to herself that she really can do it!

  1. Darla

    I struggle with anxiety too (must be a family thing ?) especially with the news nowadays. I freaked out when I had to go to the grocery store by myself with them. We all made it back home just fine. Although many of my fears are irrational and cause a lot of stress on my part, I believe we still need to be prepared and aware of what’s happening around us.
    How do I handle it:
    Prayer! And lots of it. Especially since a lot of my fears are very irrational.
    Be prepared! I’m going to be putting together a women’s self defense class early next year!
    Stay together! No one wonders off and everyone has a buddy they are responsible for. And you don’t go “check something out” without telling mom first.
    I used to not go anywhere on my own, but being stuck at home is no fun! So we plan things, try them and if it doesn’t feel right or anxiety is too much then we go do something else. Thank God for play dates with friends! I really just have to push aside every fear and just go do, so far nothing has happened and we’ve had tons of fun adventures!

    • You are very wise Darla! 🙂 Prayer is a mighty tool and I love the idea of a defense class!!
      And I love that you are willing to push yourself to new things but also give yourself that option of saying.. Nope, this doesn’t work!
      You are an awesome Mommy. Keep up the great work.. and the prayers! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I love this! I dint thinh it is abnormal to be frearful if facing the world with kids. Most of us cant even juggle going to the bathroom and watching kids lol. I feel like i have to schedual my potty breaks so i dont potentially walk out to a complete disaster.
    It always stires up anxiety when u have to leave the house with all on my kids…more than anything i am dreding a complete and total melt down from one of them at any given moment.
    I have learned to pack snaks, keep a happy face, not show my fear (they seek it and take advantage lol), and say a little prayer before we get out of the car.

    • I love all of this!! You are right being prepared is key to success! 🙂 And so funny that you meantion bathroom breaks because my little decided to spill out ALL of my cream from the fridge this afternoon in the few seconds I left the room for a break!!! Crazy kids! 🙂 My coffee will be sad in the morning 🙁

      Thanks for reading my blog!

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