This Kitchen Is Beginning To Look Like a …. Kitchen!!

This week has been a full one and very exciting for the kitchen project!!

It began with prep prep prep! 🙂  Covering the new floors with paper, patching up some more holes, etc.

paper covered floors

sidenote: I’m leaving it like this as long as I can! protecting these floors during construction is no joke!










The walls were textured (thank you to my Father in Law for doing a great job!) on Tuesday afternoon.

beautifully textured walls

The girls flew into action on Wednesday night for painting the ceiling and walls! Want to see?

Sherwin Williams paint. salty dog

Sherwin Williams Paint from Lowes. Salty Dog in High gloss

paint!   girls painting

I love the dark color and I think we get away with it because it’s only in a few spots and everything else will be a calm color/feel.  It’s also high gloss. The benefits to this is it will be easily cleaned and it also gives a great shine to it! We also painted the drop ceiling a new white color.. I don’t remember which white.. there are far to many options for white!!

We took a break Friday night for a wonderful birthday date!! Ryan’s birthday was Saturday but since we knew we would need the whole day for the kitchen, we took off friday night to dinner and a movie! It was great to have a sitter for fun instead of work 😉 And it’s always fun spoiling and spending time with my husband! Man, I love that guy!! 🙂

And he makes 33 look smokin’

birthday date


Saturday Morning (after more birthday presents!! ) We got to work. These guys put in something like 13 hours on this kitchen today! And it really shows… It starting to look amazing and this is the fun stuff, we actually get to see the transformation (instead of all the work hiding inside the walls or wherever)

We decided to wire the oven and get that in, in hopes of allowing me something to cook in! The cabinet for the oven/microwave was a bit to big for me, so the guys had to assemble that one.  It’s beautiful, seriously!! And I’m super glad Ryan insisted on the Microwave we found at Ikea’s as-is department. It was just a display model, but they took 45% off of the price!  The oven and microwave together just has such a sleek look!  very fancy!

oven cabinet   oven cabinet


It was a really fun surprise when I came home from picking the boys up to see the progress the guys made while I was gone!! check this out!!

hanging cabinets

window glass cabinet












wall of cabinets

This center cabinet will hold my cooktop. Between the wall cabinets will be where the hood is! and that whole wall will be the backsplash that I am soooo excited about!

I really like how much the molding at the top of the wall cabinets adds just a little finishing touch! There will be molding at the bottom edge of them too!



I  felt like celebrating the progress so I ran out and bought an apple pie and some ice cream! So, we baked a pie in our brand new oven!! * A note on that.. our manual didn’t say anything about it, but if you get a new oven I suggest turning it on empty at first, there was a lot of smoke and burn off from the factory dust or whatever.. didn’t smell very good at first!

Pie in the new whirlpool oven



Then we decided to install my little desk area and this little cabinet even has the countertop!!!  Jonathan used this little area to test out the cement counter! The only thing it needs is some finishing touches and a seal on it. I absolutely love it! And we even put in an outlet and usb outlet into the countertop! (Can you tell I get really annoyed with my phone dying?? haha and I always have to look for a spot to charge.. well, not any more!!)


guys working  20160619_045854715_iOS 20160619_050013080_iOS 20160619_050001942_iOS

I think we were all feeling pretty good about how the hard work is turning out!

And before calling it a day we got one of the pendant lights up!  It’s gorgeous!




pendant lights








These Home Depot lights look like the ones I fell in love with at pottery barn! but instead of costing over $100 a piece they were $30.00.

30 bucks that’s it!! 🙂


We bought the old-fashioned styled light bulbs at Battery plus and I think it adds a great little touch to them!






I think it’s turning out beautifully! I’m excited to be able to bake some dinners now and give our crockpot and bbq a little bit of a break! And the plan is to work on the sink soon so that’s super exciting!!

And the boys have loved playing with the cardboard…we sure have plenty! 🙂


20160617_194359981_iOS cardboard fun!


Well, what do you all think of it all so far?  Are you able to see the vision? It feels like it is actually working, we may even get a kitchen out of all this! hahaha Yes!!


For the Love of Target shopping…..

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Check out these clearance savings!

We have been working for months… for this day to come!!!

Months and months of preparation and planning have all come down to this weekend!

This ol’ kitchen is on it’s way out!


Here’s a little summary of what we have been doing so far.

(We have never done this before and have had little to no professional help in this sooooo we might have done it all wrong as far as order of events etc… but eh, we are here!)

The beginning of the year Ryan started asking a lot of questions about the kitchen and how much money I thought we would need if we were to redo the kitchen. He had been looking at our savings/finances and watching me struggle to get drawers to just open 🙂

So I began to pile some estimates. He helped me search for appliances, I knew I wanted white cabinets and figured IKEA to be the best bargain.  I had so much fun compiling all my design ideas (you know those ones that you save on pinterest or Houzz.. for that some day when you get to design parts of your house?)

So to begin we talked to our friends Jonathan and Tiffani about helping out with the project, We are blessed with such great friends!

We decided to buy up all the appliances we wanted to replace first. We wanted the convenience of time to allow for finding the best deals. The majority of them being purchased at sears outlet. See my previous post here about appliances.

There are lots of little things to decide about, especially since we are removing a part of 2 walls. one to open into the other room and the other to widen the doorway into the dining room.  We also decided to widen the entire kitchen by moving the counter with the sink into the family room by about 10 inches!

So for awhile we have just been buying buying and buying all the little (and big!) components of the kitchen. The Ikea cabinets and some organization things!  Read about our IKEA purchasing experience here.

I picked out some awesome elements like a wallpaper for a section of one wall and an amazing sink, faucet, pendant lighting, tile for the backsplash.. etc.  I planned to make a full shopping list eventually so stay tuned!


For now I’ll just leave a few before pictures here……. and I’ll return with a Demo update soon. Just a couple more hours before the sledge hammers fly!!! 🙂


kitchen BEFORE

This is looking in from the play room/family room. All of these upper cabinets will go in order to open everything up.



Kitchen BEFORE

these drawers have been a challenge for awhile now!

kitchen BEFORE


Shop Rotita

Rotita is one of those stores you see advertised on facebook and google. You know, I never know what to think about those kind of shops but they had some cute things so I took a chance….


I bought a bathing suite for this summer since I need one that actually fits 😉 and not quite ready to invest in an expensive one just yet since I’m still “shrinking”


It has arrived.. first of all you must know that this comes from china and so shipping can take a while, so be patient!

Second, be sure to measure yourself and not just guess your size when ordering through sites like these because they are foreign sizes most of the time….

The material is definitely not super high-grade, but of course I knew that I was getting a $24.00 suite not one that costs $150.00. So I wasn’t surprised… still it is good enough, pretty cute and I am happy with my purchase! I think it fits well and I hope to order some of the other cute things I’ve seen on their site soon!

They have lots of summer dresses, cover ups and things that look really fun!

Check it out


Gift cards and saving money!

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Did you know there are websites out there that have discounted gift cards for sale????

Sometimes you might get a gift card to a place you don’t like, or maybe don’t have a location near you or something… these sites will buy them from you and then sell them to people who want them for a discount. Its genius really!

There are a few websites out there that list sites with gift cards. But I want to caution you to make sure you know the companies policies for getting what you are expecting and returns and such!


We decided this could be a way to help us save a little in the kitchen budget since we knew we would be buying a lot of products from Home Depot and Lowes. We ended up saving  a good size chunk and had a great experience with one company in particular,


Check out the selection here!


We have only purchased gift cards for those two hardware stores so far but there are sooooo many different gift cards to choose from, we will definitely be buying more…  how about restaurants? Starbucks? Grocery stores? Going on a trip soon? how about saving with hotel and travel gift cards before you plan it?


A little about our experience….

One of the e- cards we purchased for Home Depot was delivered to my email but when I went to purchase something online it came back with a 0 balance. Since this card was suppose to be for nearly $500. I started to freak out just a bit.  I spoke to someone on Home Depots live chat, they checked the balance and said they also saw a 0 balance and that the remainder of the card had been used in some store in Georgia. ( I had this conversation emailed to me for my records) I then called Raise customer service and held my breath, hoping for a good experience and a quick fix!!

It was wonderful!! I explained what happened and without any trouble at all they said they would refund us the amount we spent on the card!!! He was glad to hear I had checked with the store first and had a copy of my conversation.. I forwarded that to them for their records!!

The whole interaction was pleasant and painless! Our refund was credited to our account within a couple of days. and because it was so great and they really stand by their 100% guarantee so we decided to keep shopping with them!  I think you’ll enjoy saving with as well! So, check it out

(So far we have saved $245.00 at stores we would be shopping at anyways for our kitchen!!)


Shopping for a new phone?


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If you are in the market for an upgrade check out Gazelle. We have purchased our last few phones from here and have been very happy! These are all certified, pre-owned devices. They have way more than phones if you are looking into getting any new electronics!
iPhone 6
* be sure to check to see the phones status, whether locked with a carrier or unlocked before you purchase, to be sure it meets your needs!  *

On this note we have also been very happy with their customer service! We recently helped my Mom order a phone and made a mistake when we picked it. But, returning it and getting a refund was no problem at all. And she has already repurchased the one she needs, it should be here next week!

Gazelle also does trade ins for all kinds of electronics not just phones. If you don’t want to be bothered with selling these items on Ebay, Gazelle may be the place for you!!
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Cutting the cord!

**This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage if you make a purchase using these links.



You’ve probably heard of this movement to get rid of cable tv. Many call it ” cutting the cord” and they are going with alternatives like internet streaming channels in order to cut down on a huge bill!


I hated our cable bill, Why is it so much just for television? We went through most cable companies available in our area. Switching back and forth in order to wrangle the best deal we could, it was a headache and despite the effort it was still a pretty big bill.


Our solution?


The ROKU player.  Here is a little bit from the company about this product:


The Roku player is Netflix Members’ #1 Rated Streaming Device and voted Engadget’s Home Entertainment Device of the Year!

The Roku player is like having your own video library at home with over 300,000 choices – from the best movies, TV shows to sports. The Roku player is the easiest way to watch anything and everything from Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand,, Pandora and more instantly on your TV.

The Wall Street Journal, CNET, WIRED, and other publications have given the Roku player overwhelmingly positive reviews. Now there’s a Roku player to fit every budget starting at $49.99.


Basically, you buy the roku box (or stick if your tv is hung on the wall) and you use Roku as sort of the portal to all your membership accounts for streaming.  Memberships like Netflex, Amazon prime on Demand, Hulu. Even specific channels available on Roku, for example,,, Kids channels,music even games.

Some of these charge a membership fee, others are free. But even with fees, we have seen a huge drop in our monthly bill from what the regular cable guys are charging! And I like that we are paying for only the services and channels we use, instead of the lump packages from cable companies of a hundred channels and shows we don’t watch just to get the news channel we do.

When choosing our memberships, we searched for our favorites shows, shows we would miss when we cut the cord and decided on which streaming companies would provide us with enough entertainment.  *currently our paid memberships include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon (Amazon prime on demand comes with your prime membership).



Check out Roku for yourself, maybe you’ll find it can help you save on entertainment as well.. plus some of their products include awesome features like voice command and remote locator!

You can also buy Roku from Amazon. And if you are anything like us, you’ll be glad to know they even have extra remotes and accessories you can buy… you know, in case your two your old dunks your remote in your coffee one morning… just saying! 🙂

There are other companies out there like Roku. Apple TV, Fire (from Amazon)  The best thing to do is just compare all that they do and price and see what fits your budget saving goals and entertainment needs best!


Hope this helps in cutting one of the biggest monthly bills most american homes have. And hope you enjoy the savings as much as we are!


Let me know if I can help in anyway.






  • This post includes Affiliate links. Which only means i get paid a little bit from these companies, if you shop through my website. At no extra cost to you. pretty cool huh?Thanks for shopping!