Shopping for a new phone?


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If you are in the market for an upgrade check out Gazelle. We have purchased our last few phones from here and have been very happy! These are all certified, pre-owned devices. They have way more than phones if you are looking into getting any new electronics!
iPhone 6
* be sure to check to see the phones status, whether locked with a carrier or unlocked before you purchase, to be sure it meets your needs!  *

On this note we have also been very happy with their customer service! We recently helped my Mom order a phone and made a mistake when we picked it. But, returning it and getting a refund was no problem at all. And she has already repurchased the one she needs, it should be here next week!

Gazelle also does trade ins for all kinds of electronics not just phones. If you don’t want to be bothered with selling these items on Ebay, Gazelle may be the place for you!!
Get cash for your iPhone!