Dinner help for back to school

Help With Dinner Time For Back To School Days!

Summer went by soooo quickly this year! It’s so crazy that it’s September already!
I know a lot of kids are back to school already, I’m avoiding it a little bit longer over here. ūüėČ But, the schedules are already filling up for fall time!

Most of us are looking for help with dinner time for these back to school days.

And these are the crazy days I’m so thankful to have dinner packed away in the freezer. I mean seriously, with piano lessons and Lego class (my guy is super excited about that one), homeschooling, and chasing around our 1-year-old.¬† Rushing us all off to Awana classes and MomStrong Bible Study… The last thing I can do is spend loads of time prepping and cooking dinner every single night!!!

So, in case dinner time is crazy for you too, I thought I’d share how we use our membership with Once A Month Meals to help!

Here’s how it we use it to Help with dinner time for back to school

I love love love using my Instant Pot with my freezer meals.. guys, you don’t even have to remember to thaw your dinner!!!!! If you use your crock pot as much as I use to, you know that it’s a super bummer when you forget to get out your meat or whatever for your crock pot to be able to cook it all day long for you…. so in comes the joy of the Instant pot! Seriously, from the freezer.. some of my meals are as quick as 20 minutes from freezer to table! I’m not even kidding! This has been a game. changer. over. here. ūüôā

So, Here’s what I do.

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Cooking once for the whole month. Take 2!

Its February! ¬†yay! We have less than a month until our due date! And boy am I feeling pregnant these days!! Can’t wait to meet this growing boy and to be done being pregnant! haha It’s truly amazing what our bodies can do, and being a part of this miracle is incredible!


I loved not cooking last month! I had a freezer stocked of 30 meals and didn’t have to worry about much when it came time to getting food on the table each night. No matter how busy we were or tired I was!


So, we did it again for this month! This time I chose to create my own menu from scratch, searching through so many wonderful recipes at Once a Month Meals! I mixed it up with different serving day options, mostly using my Instant Pot but also my oven!

I love how easy it is to find recipes your family will enjoy, and customize them for your family size!


This time along with the 30 meals for us, I also made a few dinners for my parent’s freezer and selected a few different recipes for lunches for myself. (Pizza stuffed sweet potatoes, turkey zucchini boats, and marinated chicken thighs, yum!)


I won’t deny that it was a lot of work and at the end of the day this time, I began to feel like I over did it… (at this point just trying to walk and breath is a workout though! ) AND the truly awesome thing is now I’m done cooking for a while and providing dinner for my family each night involves very minimal effort and hardly any mess! In fact looking at our schedule we will probably stretch these meals out through March as well!


I wanted to show you a few of the details and lists that I love about Once A Month Meals and why I wouldn’t do this without their wonderful help!

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Once A Month Meals!

Once A Month Meals

Freezer cooking with menu planning help!


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Have you ever prepared freezer meals for your family?¬†It’s the process of preparing and cooking up a bunch of meals all at once and then freezing for a later time. It is really nice to have meals already prepared and ready to go when you are in a rush or the day has been crazy!

I’ve done freezer meal prep in the past for a few recipes. Usually, I just pick a few meals for either the crock pot or the oven and buy all the supplies to make them. Then I would spend the day making them all and sticking them in your freezer. ¬†The mess and work all happens at one time and then done.

It does take some planning and it is work! But I think it can be really worth it. And you can add fun to it by inviting a friend to do it with you! I especially start thinking about this kind of prep right before a new baby arrives… since dinner time can be very unpredictable.


Recently I discovered a website called Once a Month Meals. They take this freezer prep/cooking idea to the max. I was instantly impressed by the organization and customization they provide. ¬†I have signed up for meal planning help in the past and the only bummer I found in the ones I’ve tried is that you are kind of stuck with recipes your family doesn’t like.. no fun there! ¬†With Once A Month Meals you can pick from their 6000+ recipes and substitute them into your plan¬†And nothing else I have seen has been anywhere close to this! Read More

throw away my instant pot

What is this Instant Pot craze?


A quick personal note: I have not been around on this blog much recently. It has made me sad to take a break but it was needed. Pregnancy + Holidays + sickness kind of got the best of me. But here we are on the other side and I’m excited to continue this blog journey in 2017. Also, we have all taken a little much-needed break from the Kitchen Remodel, but it is nearly finished. When it is, you’ll be sure to see the whole beautiful thing! I’m hoping to post a video so you can see it in all of its glory! for now if you want to catch up on what we have done you can head over here!

I hope you’ll stick with me and even share with friends! And I pray your 2017 has started with health and excitement for the future! For now, let’s talk about¬† What is this Instant Pot Craze?


Well, you’ve probably heard about the amazing Instant Pot! It seems to be all over the internet world. And for Christmas Ryan surprised me with one, so now I’ve joined the craziness and I have to admit, it is pretty fantastically amazing!

If you are like me, you’ve been hearing a lot about this kitchen appliance¬†and kind of thinking everyone was a little obsessed and crazy about it. Like Come on, I’m sure it’s nice, but really?

Well, let me tell you…. Read More