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Freezer Cooking Made Simple A Year later

Freezer Cooking Made Simple

– My Review of Once A Month meals – 1 year later.


I’ve been using my Once A Month Meals membership to stock our freezer for a year now!! And still absolutely LOVE it!

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I started looking into a membership when I was new to the Instant Pot and wanted to find more ways to use it, You can read my first review here!

But, you don’t even need an Instant Pot to take advantage of the amazing resources from Once A Month Meals


Here’s a list of the cook types for the cooking day and the serving day:

freezer cooking prep list

once a month meals cooking





Now, every month I make 20-30 dinners for our freezer. Plus, some lunches and breakfasts too!

Once A Month Meals has been adding new features, tons of new recipes, and special menus so membership just keeps getting better!

Here is just a few of their new menus:

Winter Real Food Freezer Menu

Winter Gluten Free Dairy Free Menu

Instant Pot Winter (Whole 30 Compliant) Easy Assembly Menu

Paleo Freezer Meal ( Whole 30 Compliant) volume 13

Fall Instant Pot Easy Assembly Mini Menu


You can check out all of these amazing menu options:


freezer cooking made simple





I know I’ve said this before, But the resources available to you as a member with Once  A Month Meals are outstanding!  In fact I do not hesitate to say that I would have never attempted freezer cooking for a whole month with out them!

You get these awesome customizable Menus that have been masterly crafted to consider time, effort, cost etc. (you select how many servings each meal makes too!)

You can easily swap recipes that do not appeal to you or even just build your own menu from the many recipes listed.

You get a detailed Grocery Shopping List (we are talking down to the ounces people!!)

The Prep list takes all the guessing out of what to do with all those groceries once you are home. And then the Cooking Day Instructions give you a step by step guide to stock your freezer!

Labels are at the ready for your bags or containers before you stick them in the freezer ( these labels even have the serving day instructions right on them!)

The Thaw Sheet is so handy ( I keep mine in my household planner binder) for deciding what to pull out of the freezer each night! Only have 30 minutes to get dinner on the table?? well, then grab these Enchilada Meatballs, and have dinner from freezer to table in 20 minutes!!!

And Recipe Cards for every recipe in your menu.


Seriously, Once A Month Meals has CHANGED how I do dinner! In fact I have stopped in the middle of writing this post to plop in our dinner from the freezer and in just about 1 hours time, our dinner is almost ready and I’ll pack away this computer and we can sit down to eat… just like that!

We are having Granny’s Italian beef tonight with mashed potatoes!



I just bought these baggy openers from Amazon.. They are super handy!!

Amazon baggie holder freezer cooking made simple

Here are some great tools for prepping and freezer your meals:

Products from

Those 64 oz containers are the perfect size to freeze meals for the Instant Pot…  So the food fits perfectly inside the liner of your Pot.

And don’t forget to use Wal-Mart’s free grocery Pick up to get your groceries for the month! Here’s $10 off your first order and my review of the free service, we actually use it weekly!

Have you ever prepared freezer meals before? What’s the most intimidating part of the process for you?


Freezer cooking with Once A Month Meals deal

Sale on Once A Month Meals Membership Today ONLY!

Once A Month Meals is having a Cyber Monday Sale on their Memberships, TODAY ONLY!!

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Most everyone knows how much I love my Once A Month Meals membership! And how much it has changed the way I prep food for our family!

Once A Month Meals is having a sale on their memberships for Cyber Monday!!

Today ONLY!!

You can get a whole year membership for 40% OFF!  And guess what? Even if you have tried them before, maybe you tested it out on a one month membership… You can get a year membership at the SALE price!!!

cyber monday with once a month meals

Click here to Join!    Use Coupon Code:  CYBER17

Only a few hours left to Save $70. 00!

*Making a whole year of membership only $8.33 a month!!!! (if you aren’t ready to jump in for a year.. you can still try it for on a month to month membership for $10 a month.)

You’ll have access to tons of tips and tricks for Freezer cooking. Choose from thousands of menus and recipes that can be customized to fit your family.

Select any type of prep, cooking, and serving. (our favorite are the Instant Pot meals that are ready straight from the freezer on busy nights)  choose from Oven, Stove, Easy assembly, Grill, Crock pot, Instant pot.. and more.  You can search for specific Dietary needs like allergen, Dairy free, Gluten free, real food, Paleo and vegetarian.

They have Recipes for Breakfast, lunch, Dinner, side dishes, snacks and Dessert! All to be prepped and frozen for when you need them!!

Did you get a new Instant Pot this week?

Or did your grocery store have a crazy deal on Chicken breast this month?? Now you have a ton and don’t know what to fix? You can select a menu to utilize that deal even more!

There are so many reasons why I love Once A Month Meals. We have been using them for about 9 months already and really enjoy the resources they provide.

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