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Another Homeschool year begins soon!

This Summer is just flying by.. and another homeschool year begins soon!

I can’t believe it. Here we are almost at the end of July!

Are you ready? Where my homeschool moms at? I just realized my kids need things! haha I suppose I should choose what books or curriculum we will be using this year.

We’ve liked bookshark a lot. but this is the first year that I will officially have two students. So I’m a little anxious about how that will all work out. We love that it is literature based. And uses lots of great books by Usborne. and I love that it comes with everything! The teachers manuel is one large book that tells me what to do in each subject, each day. And there are math options and handwriting options to make it fit your student! 

We have been using some of these Brainquest and literature work books for summer reminder/school prep. and the boys are liking them a lot!



For my own preperations, I am re-reading Teaching From Rest. by Sarah Mackenzie and I highly recommend it. And if you haven’t read her other book, Read a-loud Family, grab it!

I also love to attend a homeschool conference during the summer break. We have one not far from us. ( I leave today!!!) I’ll be staying with a few fellow mamas and soaking in the workshops. Most of the time, I get more out of it personally than for my little students. It’s a great way to fill up my heart to be prepared to shape these little learners. There is always awesome practical help too. Topics like ” What to do with littles when you are teaching the bigs” or ideas on organizing the school supplies etc. You can check out curriculum in person, talk to representatives from different book companies, etc.
I encourage anyone who is homeschooling, whether it’s your first year or twentieth. to find something like convection or conference. Even if it’s just to remind you, that you are not alone in this adventure!

And then in 2 weeks, we will be fitting in one last little summer getaway with the boys. I’m looking forward to some exploring and fun at the lake for a couple of days, before we dive into another school year!

So, How do you prepare for the school year? Are you also in disbelief that another homeschool year begins soon? Do you squeeze in one more trip to the beach? Are you a packrat like me, so you have to go through all your piles of supplies to even know what you have?

Follow me on Instagram, to see some of the Valley Home Educators Conference this weekend!

I’ll leave you with our list of indoor summer activities for when it’s just too hot outside. It may help fill these last days before the school year.

Dinner help for back to school

Help With Dinner Time For Back To School Days!

Summer went by soooo quickly this year! It’s so crazy that it’s September already!
I know a lot of kids are back to school already, I’m avoiding it a little bit longer over here. 😉 But, the schedules are already filling up for fall time!

Most of us are looking for help with dinner time for these back to school days.

And these are the crazy days I’m so thankful to have dinner packed away in the freezer. I mean seriously, with piano lessons and Lego class (my guy is super excited about that one), homeschooling, and chasing around our 1-year-old.  Rushing us all off to Awana classes and MomStrong Bible Study… The last thing I can do is spend loads of time prepping and cooking dinner every single night!!!

So, in case dinner time is crazy for you too, I thought I’d share how we use our membership with Once A Month Meals to help!

Here’s how it we use it to Help with dinner time for back to school

I love love love using my Instant Pot with my freezer meals.. guys, you don’t even have to remember to thaw your dinner!!!!! If you use your crock pot as much as I use to, you know that it’s a super bummer when you forget to get out your meat or whatever for your crock pot to be able to cook it all day long for you…. so in comes the joy of the Instant pot! Seriously, from the freezer.. some of my meals are as quick as 20 minutes from freezer to table! I’m not even kidding! This has been a game. changer. over. here. 🙂

So, Here’s what I do.

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art for homeschooling

Homeschool Art Fun: an addition to our day

Today I wanted to share with you all a fun addition to our day for our homeschooling schedule.
If you are like me then this end of winter almost spring time is a hard season to keep our momentum for school work going… so we have been needing to shake things up a bit!

Enter a Youtube channel we quickly fell in love with! SideNote: We are very careful with our use of Youtube with the kids, in fact at this point this new channel is the only one the kids are allowed to watch right now, because it is way to easy to stumble upon unhealthy things on youtube! But, with some wisdom and a lot of parental control Youtube can be a great resource!

Our charter school teacher told us about this channel.

It’s called Art for Kids Hub!


You guys, this family has a lot of fun on this website/channel!!! It’s a Dad who has a blast teaching his kids art! On the website you’ll find drawing, painting, sculpting, origami, cutout projects. And if this is something your little artist really gets into you can buy a membership for lessons that seem even more detailed and learning based then the videos we’ve already watched.


So far William has only followed some of the drawing videos.. “mr hubs” draws an object or character one step at a time and one of his kids follows along. It’s easy to following along too! And they just have so much fun together, I’ve found myself stopping to watch and laugh along with them!


AND so important for this momma… most of the lesson require NO PREP and are self-contained, so you can watch them in any order… or like William has been doing, search for ones that interests your little artist most!

Here’s their website:

And we are discovering our little guy is a budding little artist!!!


check out some of his first drawings!


here’s a list of awesome art supplies to get you started!



And don’t forget to subscribe to our new friends channel for lots of artistic fun!


Do you feel like your momentum is lacking this time of year? I know I’m having to get pretty creative to keep us going these days… hope this helps you as much as it has us!


Here’s another fun art activity we did with a salad spinner!

Crafty Art for Homeschooling

art with stuff around the house

Crafty Art for Homeschooling

My Mom is the best. Even when she isn’t necessarily feeling very inspired, she can come up with some creative ideas for the boys!

This day she brought an old salad spinner (one she didn’t mind “donating” to the cause) Some washable paint, and small paper plates.homeschool art with loveandscribbles







The boys had a blast and spinning this salad spinner as fast as they could was a great way to get some extra energy out!

Simply place a small paper plate (or small piece of paper) in the bowl of the spinner. Drop a little paint in spots around the plate, replace lid and have fun spinning.  Salad spinner Art
We instructed to boys to spin one direction then stop and spin the other way.

The colors blended and smeared beautifully and were different every time!

I think we will be doing this art project again! It was definitely a blast!   Cheap art for homeschool






Do you think your kiddos would have fun with this?


fall time at the lake

Fall Time Family Update

Well, here we are, it’s October already!?!?!

We’ve started school here at the love house. William is officially a kindergartner. We love our charter, Visions In Education! And the resources available to us are incredible!

first day of school- kindergarten

William began taking piano in August. He seems to really have a good understanding of the instrument and music and really likes it!

piano lessons

We’ve even participated in a science class with a group of other charter students and went on a field trip to a friend’s farm!

We really like all of the curriculum we’ve chosen for this year and I hope to write a blog post about all of that soon!


James has challenged me as we balance still giving him the attention he needs while being distracted with hours of school work and the baby!

 Oh the baby! David is 7 months of cuteness already! He’s crawling, pulling himself up on the couch, enjoys trying new foods all the time, and except for teething pain, he is always joyful!


Love and scribbles baby

Even though he is the easiest baby of them all, and super peaceful, Adding a third child to the mix has proven to be a huge game changer. A lot of things just became a whole lot more complicated. I love this calling and mission field, I’m also exhausted! 🙂


Fall time means Awana Bible club has started up again…. 


Farmer Night At Awana!

 We all love it!

We have had a great fall season so far and looking forward to the Holidays coming up so quickly!

As for Loveandscribbles. I am working hard to revamp a lot of the site and even have some awesome organization tools for the recipes I’ve been sharing recently! It will take a while to get it all redone, but I’m excited to share all of the changes with you soon!

And we plan to share holiday deals with you as they come up! Black Friday weekend is less than 6 weeks away! I’m hoping for a killer Instant Pot deal again but we shall see!! So make sure you like us on facebook to see all the deals we share!

I hope you are enjoying Fall too!

Deanna Grace

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