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Do you love shopping at Target?

It’s a great place to shop for so many things! And even if you don’t want to deal with couponing and stock piling.. you can still get some great deals!


The easiest way to get a deal EVERY time you shop is with the Target RED Card.  (either Debit or Credit) The Redcard gives you 5% off everything you buy in store or online. AND if you are shopping online at you will get free shipping every time you pay with your card! Plus you get an extra 30 days for returns on your purchases!


And did you know you don’t have to go into the store to open up a gift registry? You can create and add items to a gift registry on your computer or tablet or phone.. whatever you want!?! Pretty exciting!



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We have been working for months… for this day to come!!!

Months and months of preparation and planning have all come down to this weekend!

This ol’ kitchen is on it’s way out!


Here’s a little summary of what we have been doing so far.

(We have never done this before and have had little to no professional help in this sooooo we might have done it all wrong as far as order of events etc… but eh, we are here!)

The beginning of the year Ryan started asking a lot of questions about the kitchen and how much money I thought we would need if we were to redo the kitchen. He had been looking at our savings/finances and watching me struggle to get drawers to just open 🙂

So I began to pile some estimates. He helped me search for appliances, I knew I wanted white cabinets and figured IKEA to be the best bargain.  I had so much fun compiling all my design ideas (you know those ones that you save on pinterest or Houzz.. for that some day when you get to design parts of your house?)

So to begin we talked to our friends Jonathan and Tiffani about helping out with the project, We are blessed with such great friends!

We decided to buy up all the appliances we wanted to replace first. We wanted the convenience of time to allow for finding the best deals. The majority of them being purchased at sears outlet. See my previous post here about appliances.

There are lots of little things to decide about, especially since we are removing a part of 2 walls. one to open into the other room and the other to widen the doorway into the dining room.  We also decided to widen the entire kitchen by moving the counter with the sink into the family room by about 10 inches!

So for awhile we have just been buying buying and buying all the little (and big!) components of the kitchen. The Ikea cabinets and some organization things!  Read about our IKEA purchasing experience here.

I picked out some awesome elements like a wallpaper for a section of one wall and an amazing sink, faucet, pendant lighting, tile for the backsplash.. etc.  I planned to make a full shopping list eventually so stay tuned!


For now I’ll just leave a few before pictures here……. and I’ll return with a Demo update soon. Just a couple more hours before the sledge hammers fly!!! 🙂


kitchen BEFORE

This is looking in from the play room/family room. All of these upper cabinets will go in order to open everything up.



Kitchen BEFORE

these drawers have been a challenge for awhile now!

kitchen BEFORE


Mother’s day shopping

Mother’s Day is May 8th. That’s this Sunday!!!


If you haven’t found the perfect gift for your Mom (and don’t forget your wife) Don’t panic!! Here are a few places that you can shop online and still get a gift in time for Sunday!


Amazon has so many great gift ideas and with Prime many things can be here in just 2 days shipping!

Click this link for $10.00 off an Amazon Fire!!

If that’s not quite right, don’t worry! Here are some really great suggestions for every Mom……..

Another great option is Groupon!

Shop Gifts up to 30% off during Groupon’s 12 Days of Goods Sale!

You can look for goods (shipping time may be an issue here) or how about her favorite restaurant or a voucher for a spa day? For the adventurous Mom Groupon can help you plan a great day!! Go to a cooking class with Mom or Send her on a little vaca…. So many ideas!


$10 off $25 for new customers while using promo code (WELCOME)


And we can’t forget and are still available for Mother’s Day with their convenient pick up in store option!

Shop here! here!


Whatever you get for the Ladies in your life, just remember to package it with love and appreciation for all that they do!



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Kitchen appliances



Wow! If you haven’t shopped for appliances lately, you’ll be surprised by all there is out there!! I know I was like a kid in a candy store….

Can I just say that as a whole this project has been a bit overwhelming? I feel like I shouldn’t even say that, since I am so abundantly blessed to get to build a new kitchen.. but there are a ton of things to decide and learn. Do you know how many cook tops there are? Or how much power a range hood needs to have?? yeah me neither! hahaha But I’m trying!

I am having a lot of fun learning about the different things we can incorporate into the kitchen and how it’s done! Thanks Youtube and pinterest!

But, boy oh boy! once you’ve made one choice you have 5 other decisions to sift through based on it.. What color cabinets? Will that match with the floor?  What is the difference between a plinth and a toe kick anyway?? How many outlets do we need/want, what should they look like?  Thankfully we have great friends who are doing so much for us!


Anyways, it is super fun and I totally want to buy power tools now! My new past time is walking through Lowes and Home Depot and I don’t even mind it! 🙂

Anyways, back to appliances! We discovered Sears Outlet!! And found a fantastic deal on our wall oven and dishwasher. Sears Outlet sells items that are labeled “scratch and dent” so these are open box, floor display models, and such. But  both of our appliances came with no visible scratches or dents in them. the Sales man couldn’t even find one to record on our sales slip!! And yet we got them both for 45-55% off!

We also plan on going here for our fridge when the time comes (the fridge is one of the things we have decided to wait and save up for later)


check it out:


We have also found a few things on Amazon of course!

We sure do love Amazon!


  This cooktop is one of the most exciting things for the new kitchen! I finally get to have a gas cooktop! So it took me a little while to choose this one. It’s a GE Cafe

And look at this salt box I ordered:



We also just picked up a built-in Microwave at Ikea! * Ikea appliances are from whirlpool!   Ryan found it in the as is department for 45% off!! It had been used as a display model. Plus, because we were there purchasing our cupboards on one of the last day of their kitchen sale, we received a gift card with 15% of our purchase price back!! So, totally paid for the microwave and some of my list of fun accessories 🙂



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