Kitchen Wallpaper – A Modern Design Option Worth Considering

The remodel adventure continues…

When most people heard that I wanted to do wall paper in part of my new kitchen they questioned my interior design capabilities! haha and while I don’t know how skilled at all this I am, I will say that if you haven’t looked at wall paper in a while you might be surprised!


My design plan was for one partial wall, as sort of accent wall. We don’t have a lot of busy accents in our space, and lot of mellow grey and white. So I wanted something of a pop and perhaps help soften the more industrial features we were adding to the room! I found so many fun wall paper samples with graphics, words, photos, etc. The one I picked is even washable and pre-pasted!

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DIY Concrete Countertops!

The day has finally arrived! I am soooo excited as we get ready for this huge day for the kitchen project!  For this day we asked for a few more friends to help! We ended up with 5 guys for the concrete. And I think that was the perfect amount. And Tiffani  and I were there for whatever we could help with!  We rented a mixer from Home Depot and got to work!

DIY Concrete Countertops

mixer for concrete countertops

We already had our formula for the color figured out. So the guys just had to follow it for each batch.  I will say we had a few issues with consistency in the batches of cement. All of the blogs and youtube videos will say you want the concrete to be pretty think and that is true. But there seems to be a happy medium where it also needs to not be to dry!  All in all most of the batches came out pretty well and with my Father in law and Jonathan at the finishing trowels it came out beautiful!


concrete countertops

And a very important step was vibrating the edges.. to make sure to get as many air bubbles out as we could. ( After the forms came off you can really tell where we took time to make sure we vibrated really well and where we may have rushed a little bit)

vibrating countertops

It took us about 6 hours or so I would say to get it all in and smoothed out. And then the waiting game for it to set a bit to be able to run the trowel through it again…

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