instant pot peas

Peas in the instant pot

veggies are some of the easiest things to make in the Instant pot! And when you do them right, they come out fresh and delicious!

Making baby food has been a favorite thing for me to do in the Instant Pot. And David loves it!

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Peas in the instant pot
I'm enjoying using the Instant Pot for all of our baby food! Here's just a sample of what I've been doing for David's veggies. You could use this method for most veggies (add a minute to the IP if it's a tougher vegetable like broccoli)
instant pot peas
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instant pot peas
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  1. Throw the peas into the Instant Pot I added half a cup of our home - made whey for added nutriton and digestive help. But you can use any kind of liquid you want ( bone broth would be great too!)
  2. Close lid, set valve to seal. Select Manual/Pressure Cook, adjust down to 0. Pot will come to pressure then shot off. Quick Release to stop cooking.
  3. I transfered all of this into my Ninja Blender and pureed it,Then put into ice cube trays for the freezer!
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Corn in the Instant pot

Corn on the cob – Instant pot version

for more recipes go to our recipe page here!

Need an instant pot or some new accessories? shop our recommended page!

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Corn on the cob - Instant pot version
Corn in the Instant pot
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute (plus time to come to pressure)
per adult
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute (plus time to come to pressure)
per adult
Corn in the Instant pot
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  1. Husk all the ears of corn.
  2. Add 1 cup of water and the trivet to the instant pot. Throw the corn on top of the trivet to keep out of the water.
  3. place lid on and set valve to seal. Select Manual and adjust to 2 minutes. Quick release when pot is done!
  4. smother with melted butter and any seasoning you like!
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Seriously Easy Instant Pot Greek Yogurt!


I am so excited about Instant Pot YOGURT!!!

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Let me just pause right here and say, I never really expected to get into this kind of “everything” home-made kind of home making… and this project intimidated me a lot! but now that I’ve made it once, and wrote down some notes for next time, I am so beyond excited!

It is pretty fun to provide home-made goodies for my family, and it’s especially nice when you can find recipes and methods that have already been ironed out!


I wouldn’t have even attempted to make yogurt if it wasn’t for my amazing Instant Pot! Man, I love this thing! Best Christmas present ever! (Thanks Babe!) From applesauce, to a freezer full of dinners, making my lunches a breeze and now even making yogurt… The Instant Pot has been (dare I say it?) life-changing!  If you aren’t familiar with this miracle appliance ? You can read my previous posts about it here.

I was nervous to take on yogurt. So, I’ve been looking into it for a while now and preparing myself for the task.

I started with buying just a few things

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A Journey Through Nutrition-Talking Kids & Nutrition

Let’s talk Nutrtion!



We are beginning a somewhat new journey in the nutrition we provide for our kids.
Before I start listing some of the things we are changing let me tell you the why.

Recently it has become very clear that we need to make some major changes in our kids diets.


Here’s a little intro video (Don’t be scared, it’s the real me, no makeup or filters at all) ?

Basically: For a while now we have known that especially our oldest son is very sensitive to sugar and the artificial dyes that are in a lot of foods. But this past couple of weeks has totally proven that these ingredients among other fake stuff really messes with our kid’s brains, bodies and the ability to focus, listen, and even just control themselves.


So we began by throwing out all the candy!! And I started searching Pinterest and all over the internet for recipes and blogs on the subject.

Our plan is to really focus on sugar and dyes.

Follow my board here for yummy sugar free recipes to try! I’ll try to update each pin as we try them, with what we think of them!


My Mom found this great blog with some ideas to help us detox from all the junk.. not just in the food we were eating but also in just the atmosphere around us.

Foodrenegade — How to detox kids daily in 5 easy steps!

Little by little we hope to make a difference with all of this! Summer is a great time to focus on nutrition since we have soooo many great ways to include fresh fruit and veggies in our meals and snacks every day! I have to admit that I get into a rut when it comes to what vegetable sides I serve with dinners… but THIS summer I plan on making sure we mix it up.. a lot! Already I’ve added roasted brussels sprouts, fresh green beans, and Grilled eggplant.

It’s tough to convince the boys at first look or bite but I am not giving up!! We do our best to have them take at least one bite of everything..  and given enough tries, in many cases they eventually decide that they enjoy the foods they were so sure they hated!


So here we go!

If you want to tag along for the ride you are always welcome or if you’ve already made steps to replace many of the foods your family enjoys please share what has worked for you!


Just a girl, mommying the best she can (and praying through it all)

Deanna Grace



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I stopped reading books when I became a Mom…

books I love reading!! I think I always have. In my younger years there usually wasn’t a time when I wasn’t in the middle of a book, or three! I really liked to balance things out, so if I was reading a great fiction I would also pick up a Christian Living book or a Biography or something.

I’m thankful I had family that cared about installing a love for reading in us as children.

We have an Aunt and Uncle who sent us fabulous stories every Christmas!! And our Grandma lived with us when we were small and I remember hours upon hours of sitting in her chair with her reading!! Trips to the library in our home school years were always fascinating.

When William came along it was still great for my reading habits for a little while. When he was just a babe I would read while feeding and rocking him. ( I had to adjust to electronic books so I could read in the wee hours but I was still getting to read!) I even enjoyed reading them aloud to him just for fun! But, then he grew.. and the Lord didn’t put a whole lot of
sitting still qualities in that little guy. 🙂 And of course with a growing household, chores and other things take over…. So, I found myself not picking up a book or journal for months at a time, or I would start one only to forget about it and find it 6 months later.

I also, longed to create a love of reading in William and James and found creative ways to stick reading into our day… like reading one of their books aloud while they played in the back yard (it’s amazing what these boys pick up even while they are busily exploring their world.) These days I’ve added reading to them during lunch time which works really well for us IF Mommy has had a chance to eat first 🙂

But still I found that I wasn’t picking up many books I cared about.. especially ones I hadn’t already read. What a bummer for this book lover… I found my wish lists of books I’d like to pick up growing and growing but no chance in sight to actually attempt any of them.

But, recently I realized I just needed to prioritize a bit and if it was really important to me I could make it work in this busy Mom life I’m adventuring in. One thing I do know is that “important people”, World-changers are often big readers. 🙂 In an effort to always expand your knowledge and more importantly wisdom – books are a great tool!
Some books I have lying around right now are:
Dr. Dobson’s Parenting collection
Missional Motherhood by Gloria Furman ** haven’t read this yet, I can’t wait!!
Mom’s raising boys to be men
Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur

In my wish list still:   ( I have an Amazon wish list called “Books We Want” it’s public so you can check it out if you are interested in more titles… most of them have been recommended by friends, or on the radio or during another book I was reading)

Wild Things: The Art of Nuturing Boys by Stephen James and David Thomas

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons by Meg Meeker M.D.

For The Love by Jen Hatmaker

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

I was one of those readers that really didn’t like electronic books at first.. I will say I still feel like there is something missing when you can’t cuddle up with a book and actually turn pages ( I’m a huge highlighter too.. so i miss my pens. haha) But, I am learning to love the times we live in, and the resources that are so readily available for us. Purchasing actual bound books isn’t always possible and I find it’s harder for me to sit down with a book to read… But if it’s on my phone, well then, at the Dr’s office, or while I’m waiting for laundry to be done, right before bed (even if the lights are already out) I have a book!!!

I have found some new ways to get good electronic books in my hands (most of them free!) And have committed to reading them more than facebook, emails, etc. And I’ve put these apps on the first page of my phone so I see them even before I see all the other distractions!

Amazon Kindle: You can use the Kindle app on any device even if you don’t have a kindle. Just start an account, download the app onto your Ipad, Phone, computer.. whatever. SOOOOO many books are offered for free especially if you are a Prime member.

C.S. Lewis: A Life inspired

The Four loves by C.S. Lewis

Have a New Kid by Friday by Kevin Leman

The Help by kathryn Stockett

God’s Astounding Opinion Of You by  Ralph Harris

Amazon also has a great collection of classic reads…  Little Women, Northanger Abbey , The Secret Garden etc..  And they are FREE!!!

Scribd: My newest subscription. This one is $9.99 a month. But you get a ton of books and many of them available in Audio. I’m discovering that I’m motivated to read more in Scribd since it’s costing me every month. I know that if a month goes by and I haven’t used it, I’ll need to cancel my membership. So, it’s working 🙂   Get a FREE 30 day trial here!

I’ve started playing audio books in the car or while I’m doing laundry or dishes (this works especially well when I can send the boys outside to play)

So far most of the books I have searched for in Scribd have been available.
Here’s some of my recent reads and ones I have waiting in my library.

Undaunted by Christine Caine * I loved this book!! Full of encouragement to follow God’s calling no matter what!!

Chopin    This was such a fun audio to listen to… Full of History and very interesting facts plus, lots of Chopin’s beautiful music! I enjoyed entering the classical world my husband loves for a little bit and  plan to listen to a few more about Mozart and others.

love Does by Bob Goff   This book was an incredible read!  He has a great perspective on things and lives a pretty cool life, so his stories are awesome! If you want this book in another format it’s available on Amazon too….


Loving our Kids on Purpose   Just added this one, can’t wait to start it.

The Mean Mom’s Guide to Raising Great Kids by Joanne Kraft  *again this one is waiting for me! but I heard it recommended on K-love.

You’ll notice I’m deeply interested in any parenting wisdom I can glean these days (seems like a desperate Mother’s cry?? you’ve got that right. We need all the help we can get to guide these little hearts to and for Jesus)

I hope this encourages some one out there to just pick up a book (or electronic read) Even if you can only get a couple of pages at a time. Honestly I have surprised myself how quickly I’ve read through some books now that I’m mindful of its importance to me!

Happy reading everyone,

Let me know which awesome reads you’ve read or heard about.. my wish list is always growing.


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toys toys toys and how we organize the chaos

Toys toys toys
boys and toysIf you have young kids then you know that toys can very easily take over your life!
Especially when birthdays and Christmas come around!! We love that our boys get fun new things and that they have family and friends that love on them! 🙂 But this lady quickly became overwhelmed by the mess!!

Since I know that we can’t be the only ones, I thought I’d share the method that has worked for us. It may not be what works for everyone but if you need to try something new, give it a shot!!

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So, with so many toys we started with trying the fabric cubes in a bookcase idea… something similar to this.

I even made labels with pictures of the different kinds of toys. I like the idea that it would look cute, organized and still be accessible to the boys. This simply did not work for us. at all!

First of all , not all our toys fit in these cute little bins. labels were ripped off and toys still seemed to all be dumped, every. single. day. So, the chaos continued. (we now use this bookcase and bins for the boys clothes in their closet and it works really well for that!)

I will say that this method works for some people. especially if you have one child, who is still young and just now getting into toys.

So, we moved everything to big plastic tubs. This way our whole collections of trains, blocks, cars whatever will fit in the same tub and has a lid!!

Still, having them in the play room meant that there were days that every bin was emptied… even if we tried the idea ” you have to put away one before you get the other one out. ” thing.
bonus points to you if you monitor your kids play time that well! 🙂

Eventually what I decided to do seemed drastic, but it works so well for us!!

ALL of the tubs of toys found a place in the garage. Every one of them!!
The boys know that they get 1 or 2 tubs into the house at a time. When they are ready for something else, we pack them away and get another one from the garage! Usually it’s trains and cars that stay in the house but everyone once in a while William will remember a certain toy and will ask where it is, so we switch them out!

This has brought a ton of peace to our play room! It’s so much easier to clean up when everything goes into the same tub! And I realized the boys weren’t even able to really play when they had so many toys surrounding them!
Also, right before Christmas I will put EVERYTHING in the garage so they can really enjoy the new things they get! And both our boys birthdays are soon after Christmas so we’ll probably spend a few months just exploring our presents! 🙂

I hope this helps if you haven’t found what works for your house!


I would love something like this for in the garage (as of now they are just stacked up on the side) but maybe some day 😉  (for now it will stay on the forever growing honey do-list)

Boy Mom!

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I want to tell you all about a company I am super excited about!!!

Check out this tank my hubby bought me this week??


I had been hinting about these shirts I saw advertised on Facebook for a little while and I am so glad he noticed! 🙂

I am super impressed by the quality of this tank… the fit is nice, the material is soooo soft and I might have to wear it every day this summer!!!!


I immediately jumped on their site to see what else they have and discovered that Boymom designs is a really cool company and there are so many things on my “wish list” now!

Also, I found out I can be affiliated with them here on Love and Scribbles! Yay!


They gave me a coupon code for 60% off and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you!!

(Just enter code: 2a4 at checkout)


Check out the story behind the Momma who started boymom designs….

I feel like she gets me and this world I live in 🙂


I mean look at all this stuff???


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grand boymom designs

There is even a line for Grandmothers!

loveandscribbles-boymom designs

decor, accessories, hats etc.











And for all of you wonderful Girl Mommas there are some cute things for you too! 🙂


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Just enter Coupon Code: 2a4

and you’ll get 60% off!!!

Oh there is even a pretty rad Dad shirt for sale on the website… Father’s Day IS coming soon after all!

I cannot wait to order a few more things! I hope you will come back and let me know what you order for yourselves!! Send me a pic when you get it too!! 🙂


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