Dinner help for back to school

Help With Dinner Time For Back To School Days!

Summer went by soooo quickly this year! It’s so crazy that it’s September already!
I know a lot of kids are back to school already, I’m avoiding it a little bit longer over here. 😉 But, the schedules are already filling up for fall time!

Most of us are looking for help with dinner time for these back to school days.

And these are the crazy days I’m so thankful to have dinner packed away in the freezer. I mean seriously, with piano lessons and Lego class (my guy is super excited about that one), homeschooling, and chasing around our 1-year-old.  Rushing us all off to Awana classes and MomStrong Bible Study… The last thing I can do is spend loads of time prepping and cooking dinner every single night!!!

So, in case dinner time is crazy for you too, I thought I’d share how we use our membership with Once A Month Meals to help!

Here’s how it we use it to Help with dinner time for back to school

I love love love using my Instant Pot with my freezer meals.. guys, you don’t even have to remember to thaw your dinner!!!!! If you use your crock pot as much as I use to, you know that it’s a super bummer when you forget to get out your meat or whatever for your crock pot to be able to cook it all day long for you…. so in comes the joy of the Instant pot! Seriously, from the freezer.. some of my meals are as quick as 20 minutes from freezer to table! I’m not even kidding! This has been a game. changer. over. here. 🙂

So, Here’s what I do.

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