Spice organization!!

One of the fun little projects that I’ve been able to accomplish during the giant kitchen project is revamping my spices! They will be going into a nice big drawer.. much better then the previous basket organization I had! trust me on that one!!

I bought racks from Ikea when we picked up the cabinets.. Amazon has some similar styles. But there are so many great ideas for spice racks and organization.

spice organization In this picture you can see I printed my labels on regular paper to test them out.

I wanted to check the size and which way I wanted to place them on each jar… I also printed out a couple other label samples to pick from but ended up with these!

The jars I decided on were from Cost Plus World Market, But, again there are soooo many to choose from!

Amazon also sells these sticker pages for the printer! I am in love with these!! And can’t wait to make labels for everything!!! 🙂
 These labels feed into your printer just like paper.

and then you simply cut out your label and

peel off the back paper to reveal the sticky side.

I read a tip about them on pinterest,

saying that you should wait 15 minutes between

printing sheets and cutting them out so that the

ink dries completely,  this would also be true if you

are printing more than one page so that it doesn’t smear each other.




William helped me fill the jars! It was a fun little project for us to work on together!

20160706_220105935_iOS spice reorganization

There are lots of label options as well.. many pinterest finds were great.

These fun labels here or here were some of the many I thought about using.

But Ultimately, I decided to just create my own with a fun font in Word. I thought this might help when I want to add more later!

spice labels

I think I’m going to love these when I can put them in the new drawer!!


pretty spices

And apparently I have way more spices than I realized. I started with 21 jars.

I have at least 15 more or so.. But I’ll just add them soon (maybe the next time I get a coupon for World Market! :))






Have you reorganized your spices? What do  you love about it?

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