Sick Days Here at Love and Scribbles

Anyone else out there feel like as soon as sickness comes to your house..everything falls apart?? seriously, everything!

We’ve had a stomach bug for a couple of days and it doesn’t help that I was one of the victims this time around but, there is something about grumpiness, and sick kids that makes me throw my hands up and kind of give up…. besides the continual laundry that just comes with sickness… I haven’t looked at our dirty clothes, barely been able to keep up with our daily dishes.. and the truth is, it doesn’t even bother me! I have no desire to keep up with those things.

Instead our 2 year old is in the same clothes he woke up in yesterday, yep i said it! and our 4 year old can’t decide how to act when he is sick so he bounces from being a zombie on the couch ( dramatically sighing and moaning the whole time) to jumping around because he is “bored”. seriously, how can he still have so much energy even with a fever?

Both of them feeling very needy and so I fill their water cups and get them pillows, try to find movies they would like to watch and puzzle/book time has happened a couple of times too!

And I know I know, the dishes don’t matter, my floors can always be swept later, and we will come out of this little bug pretty much ok… but, I think times like these remind me how much of a controller I am. How I like my ducks all lined up in a row and to be in control of my schedule and the happenings around me.   Maybe it’s time for me to pause, and feel how blessed I am. Truth is, a little stomach bug is nothing compared to some trials. And I am beyond blessed to be the one who is here to fill the cups and find the snacks, fluff the pillows  and even clean the puke.

And I also think it’s ok to look forward to bed time for all of us! 🙂

haha well, that’s where I’ve been for a couple of days

Hope all is well in your homes and that whatever you are in the middle of today you can stop and notice the beauty of the love and scribbles all around you!


~ Deanna Grace

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