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This post is just some of the notes I took during Sunday School yesterday on James 1, it may seem a little bit like rambling, but I thought I’d share them anyways!


Sunday School Slide.


James 1:1  James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ…”

In the description of a bond servant it says The will of the bond servant is to be consumed in the will of the master. 

 The bond servant is to lay down everything, needing nothing of their own will, considering only their masters will.

My thoughts began this way…… that laying down my will to Christ seems to be do able most of the time. Because I know I can trust Christ’s will to be good for me, that what He wills is life and godliness for me, blessings over blessings. Because He has proven himself true I can place my trust in Him.


But then I started thinking about husbands and wives…..

How do you do this as a wife and a mother? How do you forget your will entirely when sometimes your will feels like needs unfulfilled? And sometimes those desires are only pretty basic “needs” like a little more sleep! 🙂


But isn’t trusting our husbands and the life God has given us really all about trusting God’s faithfulness? I have to choose to believe that He didn’t make a mistake in putting me in these positions of wife and mother. And trust that He always has me covered! My real and actual needs are taken care of and it is sometimes my emotions that cause me to feel otherwise.

Here’s another definition Pastor Luke gave in Sunday School…


 ” Count it all joy when you fall into divers temptations”  or various trials. 


 “count” – To lead. Primarily signifies to lead and then to consider. The picture is that of one leading his or her mind through a reasoning process to arrive at a conclusion. It involves careful thought, not quick decision. It involves a conscious judgment resting on deliberate weighing of facts.


This just seemed like another needed reminder that I really do need to choose to set aside my emotions. Those thoughts that creep up and cause me to feel like I’m taken for granted or not getting my needs met. Or even those emotions that whisper lies of not being the one my family needs, and not being up for the challenge. All of these are feelings, not based on facts at all. So, I need to CHOOSE JOY! Count it.


We can stop and realize that God is at work, and in trusting Him we can have joy!


In the wonderful song, Great is thy faithfulness,  There is a line that says ” All I have needed thy hand hath provided.” And isn’t that a sweet truth?  Seems to me when I’m complaining about not having enough or not being enough I’m pretty much telling the Lord that He hasn’t provided.


Only one of us is right 🙂  


written by Thomas Chrisholm (1866-1960)

written by Thomas Chrisholm (1866-1960)

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