Peas in the instant pot
I’m enjoying using the Instant Pot for all of our baby food! Here’s just a sample of what I’ve been doing for David’s veggies. You could use this method for most veggies (add a minute to the IP if it’s a tougher vegetable like broccoli)
  1. Throw the peas into the Instant Pot I added half a cup of our home – made whey for added nutriton and digestive help. But you can use any kind of liquid you want ( bone broth would be great too!)
  2. Close lid, set valve to seal. Select Manual/Pressure Cook, adjust down to 0. Pot will come to pressure then shot off. Quick Release to stop cooking.
  3. I transfered all of this into my Ninja Blender and pureed it,Then put into ice cube trays for the freezer!
Recipe Notes

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