natural Sugar free sweetener blend
This is the sweetener blend I use for most everything. Recipes, My coffee, sprinkled over my boys cereal.. etc. I think it has a good balance of sweetness without to much after taste
makes4 cups
makes4 cups
  1. Simply mix the three sweeteners together. If the Xylitol is to large of a grain, I will throw it in my blender for a few seconds just to make it finer. ( be sure to not open the lid of your blender right away, or you’ll be hit with a wave of sweet powder)
  2. Store in an air tight container. And now you have a sugar substitute for all of our favorite recipes
Recipe Notes

*Just a note on Xylitol, Make sure to keep xylitol away from animals as it is poisonous to their system.


Natural Sugar Free Sweetener Blend ~loveandscribbles

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