Preparation Is The Key To Success!

Alexander Graham Bell (and I’m sure many others) said ” Preparation is the key to success!”

We are in the midst of the preparations this week!!!

The count down to countertops has begun and we are super motivated and excited!

We have not been short of projects that need to get done before we can pour the concrete countertops!

Cement boards were screwed down to the cabinets

cement board


Bracing (permanent and temporary) were fitted.


We had to make final decisions on how far we wanted the countertop to come out and how round of a bullnose we wanted at the end!

bullnose forms

The guys set the sink in its place once more to be sure everything was fitting just right!

Holes have been cut for the cook top and faucet!

cooktop cut out

Cook top!



And then came the framing!!!  Took the guys nearly all day to frame up and finish preparations for the concrete!

frame and supports




These frames from Concrete countertop solutions are awesome!  They are a Z shape form. You screw them in by the top and then once it’s all said and done they just snap right off!

We placed rebar on the side of the over hang… the instructions say if it’s less than 12 inches it’s not necessary, but we wanted to be overly cautious to ensure the strongest counter we could. And we don’t plan on keeping any supports permanently.



Instead of buying the pop out spacer for the faucet holes we used pvc piping and it worked just fine (and saved 80 bucks)



After all that, the guys called it a night and we prepared for a really early start the next day!


stay tuned….

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