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Planning For Emergencies: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

How are you doing in 2021?

To be honest, I’m a bit numb from everything. God is still good! So, so good!!! But, if I pay too much attention to this crazy world, I get overwhelmed and confused, and scared.. and well, it’s still ALL of the emotions. So, I started asking what can I do with all of these feels? If you feel like me in the beginning of this new year, stick around we are going to talk about Planning for emergencies and it’s not as difficult as you think. But, first a little bit more about why I”m focusing on this right now.

I’ve been teetering between fear/paranioa and complete denial. haha but in order to benefit from it all. I’ve tried to mostly turn it all into preparation for the unknown.

Do you feel an urge to prepare for emergencies? With all that has happened in 2020 and even in the first 2 months of 2021, we have realized that natural (as well as not so natural) disasters CAN happen at any time. Do you feel like your family is ready for any type of emergency that may come?

A friend asked me, what kind of emergencies am I preparing for? and Well, I’m not really sure.. All of them? truth is natural disasters can happen at any time. And with the unsettledness of our nation I guess I’ve even contemplated what would happen if wartime were to break out… I mean it seems like it could. But thankfully I’ve found that preparing for emergencies is not as difficult as it may seem.

Now, I’m not trying to spread fear. In fact what I’m about to suggest is what I’ve been doing to keep out fear!!! Making a little preperation for emergencies can really help you feel more at ease and secure.. just in case the what if’s actually happened! 

There’s some really great resources to help you in preparing for emergencies. I’ll link some of my favorites.  One of the best ways to prepare your family for emergencies is by stocking up on emergency supplies. I’ve found that you can do this as quick or slowly as you need to and at each step you are benefiting and becoming more and more prepared. 

I’ve started an Amazon wish list (linked below). Some of these  I have already added to my emergency supplies. others are still wishes.  Now, don’t get overwelmed when you see the size of this list. You Do NOT need everything!!   There are a few options for each thing and it all depends on what you can afford as well as what kind of room you have for storing these things etc. 

My advice would be to just start. Adding things as you shop on Amazon or wherever.  I started by just adding one or two items each time I check out on Amazon. And at first it was all inexpensive items that didn’t hurt our budget as we grew are supplies. 

Also, my lists include ways to accomplish what you need (say clean water) as cheaply as possible or if you are wanting to invest a little bit more, there’s an option for that as well! 

Where do you begin with preperation for emergencies? 

Think about what you NEED to live (remember this really isn’t about what you need for your cozy comfy life. but survival in hardest of times)

My first thoughts are these:  





first aid 

Also, most of us have experienced a little (or a lot) of what it is like when we cannot depend on the electronics we are so accustomed to having. For example: phones and GPS. so, think about what you might need if those things fail you in an emergency. ( you’ll find atlas’ and radios on our Ideas list below) 

Another thing to think about while preparing for emergencies and building your supplies. Is what you might need to be able to use each item you add to your stockpile.  for instance, you’ve gathered extra canned goods! Awesome. Do you have a manual can opener in your stash?  Do the flash lights you’ve picked need batteries?  * you may have these items in your home. But, during an emergency you don’t want to be running through the house gathering a ton of stuff, so just buy an extra can opener, packs of batteries, lighters etc. *

I also, don’t think it would hurt to think a little bit about time fillers. Like card games, easy to pack in a bag but could help pass the time. Or even help with small children that may be scared and need a distraction. What aboug small stuffed animals, hot wheels cars or a doll. (think small things that won’t take up to much space but could bring a smile in a scary time) a friend suggested a deck of cards and a list of games to play.   I found these books on Amazon! 

The Ultimate book of family card games

The Card Game Bible – 150 

of course you could always type out a list of your favorite games and their rules as well! maybe laminate it! 🙂 

Emergency Food

 There are lots of companies out there with emergency food rations. 

from freeze-dried to canned goods to dehydrated foods that just need water. 

We’ve bought a couple of small packs from a couple of companies but haven’t landed on which one we will go with to supply a large amount of stockpiled food.. I’ll keep you posted as we try them. 

Here’s my Amazon list for preparing for emergencies! (some of these items are just a plain good idea to keep around.. even keep in your car, especially while traveling during winter where weather can cause problems! Better safe than sorry)

I’ve also found this fellow mama Plan for awesome on Instagram who has created a fantastic guide to building a 72-hour kit. And has great tips. I purchased the guide to building a 72-hour kit and let me tell you, she has thought of everything!!! I love all the checklists. And how she breaks it down in a way you can actually accomplish it. You can purchase her guide here

I hope this had helped if even to just organize your thoughts as you plan for the unknown. And I pray blessings to your families this year!

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Deanna Grace

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