My Favorite Instant Pot Accessory

This steamer basket is my favorite accessory for my instant pot…

This tool makes it easy to get veggies or small things out of the pot. you can use it for eggs too, really anything!!

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This Steamer basket!!

Today only it’s at a great price!!!  $8.50 (at time of posting) This deal will not last long so hurry and grab one!


This one fits your 6 or 8 qrt Instant pots

and you don’t need to use a trivet if you use these ones with the feet on it.

I really grab this accessory more than any other.. it’s just so much simpler than fishing out whatever you are cooking. And I love that the coating on the handle means it isn’t hot. 

Throw your veggies in, or a whole batch of eggs. Even your whole potatoes for “baked Potatoes.”

Of course you can make all of those things without this basket, just use the trivet that came with your instant pot. But, it cannot be denied that baskets like this just help simplify an already easy recipe! 


Do you have an instant pot accessory you love?

Happy Pressure cooking,

Deanna Grace

What do you use this awesome steam basket for? well, so many things Hard Boiled eggs, Garlic Parmesan Brussel Sprouts, green beans. What will you try next?

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