Late For New Years

I’ve decided my 2019 will start on February 1st, January is a free trial month.

I really liked that, the truth is there isn’t any magic in December 31st/January 1st. It can serve as a great jumping off point for your plans, sure. But they don’t have to start January 1st in order for you to have a great, effective year.

Around here we do not slow down after Christmas, even the celebrations continue. With our first sons birthday being just 2 weeks into the new year! and then February has our Anniversary (8 years), the baby’s birthday and then followed closely by our middle guys birthday just 3 days later! whew, I’m tired from all the fun already!

The boys are at some really fun ages, I was thinking about Baby David turning 2. The stage he is in now is probably my favorite. He is still a “baby” but runs around, says cute little words and is showing his great personality. James will be turning 5 which is a big year, I think. Including starting school “officially” instead of just tagging along with brother. He is also already talking about getting to move up in his class at church. And William will be 7!!! I can’t believe it. We really are just pluggin’ along here. And it’s true that time waits for no man.

We have a few choices though on how we react to the way life moves at such a crazy fast pace. It can be really discouraging if you let your self think about all the time that has gone by. Especially if you haven’t reached the goals you’ve set in the past or maybe life doesn’t look like you expected it would. I for one would like to figure out a way to not have those expectations at all. I really think that would solve a lot!

Or another way you can react to it all is by grabbing hold of the adventure that is to come! The unpredictable things the new year holds. Even if it’s delayed!

New is a great thing. But, you can’t really enjoy or even embrace the ‘new” if you don’t look back at the “old”, at least sometimes. I always like to take some time to reflect on the last year and all that has happened. Prayers that have been answered, adventures had, growth made, and even challenges faced.

What a neat perspective we gain by looking back. So, many things are missed when we keep marching on without a little reflection! So many times, I have sadly forgotten about the prayers I’ve prayed. The things I’ve asked for wisdom for or guidance, help in any way. And the Lord provides and is so faithful! But in the midst of the every day, I guess we just lose sight of all those little huge things!

So, even if we are a little late for New Years, take some time to reflect back on 2018. And make those goals for 2019, or at the very least, Thank the Lord for another year and all that it will hold. Remind yourself that He has always been faithful and will continue to be and have HOPE!

And if you want to join the thousands of people who are buying planners and making resolutions.. go ahead! And if not? that’s ok too!

How do you embrace the New Year? What do you usually do to prepare for the year to come (or already started)?

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