Kitchen Wallpaper – A Modern Design Option Worth Considering

The remodel adventure continues…

When most people heard that I wanted to do wall paper in part of my new kitchen they questioned my interior design capabilities! haha and while I don’t know how skilled at all this I am, I will say that if you haven’t looked at wall paper in a while you might be surprised!


My design plan was for one partial wall, as sort of accent wall. We don’t have a lot of busy accents in our space, and lot of mellow grey and white. So I wanted something of a pop and perhaps help soften the more industrial features we were adding to the room! I found so many fun wall paper samples with graphics, words, photos, etc. The one I picked is even washable and pre-pasted!

We’ve never done wallpaper before and so it was quite the learning process.. My friend Tiffani helped me hang it. I will say I think we underestimated how important it is to cut exactly but eventually we figured it out!


The process itself seemed a bit complicated.

You wet the paper and then set it “folded” back on to itself to

activate it for a few minutes.  Then peel the top back and stick on the wall. One tip I thought helped a lot was to draw a pencil line on the wall to match up the seem. The paper was heavy and a bit bulky to try to move after being wet and definitely took the two of us working together with each panel. It stuck pretty well, although we did end up using a bottled paste for the seams and edges just to be sure! (We picked up an inexpensive bottle at Lowes)




I bought this wallpaper here   I had such a hard time picking one out once I realized all of the options available!  Amazon even has some awesome selections…


With the frame around the now widened doorway, I am really happy with how this wall turned out! And maybe those folks who thought that I was crazy might think differently now that it is finished?

And check out these open shelves for our coffee supplies!!!! I mean come on!

I just love them so much!


Designs for similar shelves like these are all over pinterest. Our friend Jonathan did a fantastic job on them! And it is exactly as I envisioned this whole area!


Seriously my favorite wall! I know, I know I say I LOVE everything about my new Kitchen space… but it’s only because it’s true! haha



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