It’s Kitchen week!!

It’s finally here! I’m so nervous but mostly just crazy excited!
There is much to do these few days before demo begins..and because I’m an uber plan- ahead kind of girl, I’m freaking out a little, that I haven’t done more preparations.. but we will be fine! And now that it’s here, I will be 1000% on kitchen prep 🙂

I’ve made my menu for nearly a month without a kitchen, I’ll be making frozen crock pot meals and microwave ready lunches. And we will be BBQing a ton! I’m even going to attempt “baking” frozen french fries on the grill for the boys! Thanks Pinterest! I’ll be sure to share some of my recipes! Or you can follow me on Pinterest!

If you don’t love your crock pot, let me urge you to give it a shot! There are sooooo many amazing recipes, some you would never believe came out of the crock pot, seriously! 🙂

This is one of our favorites here ~ beef burritos!!! In the crock pot!?! yes!

I think the thing that makes me the most crazy about not having a kitchen will be washing even a few dishes without a sink :/  I think I’ll get a big tub or two for the back yard and pretend we are camping… and of course we’ll be using paper products for everything we can.

We will be assembling cabinets every night this week, we started, but got distracted and then took a family vaca.. and then… anyways it’s been busy around here. So, we have 6 or 7 cabinets to build. William is super excited to help put more drawers together!

Then I’ll pack up the kitchen and move anything we will still need into our office.. where I’ve set up our make shift kitchen!

My beautiful sink came!!! This thing has been a pain.. choosing the size and material with the look I wanted proved to be a difficult task. And then when we finally found one.. it was out of stock… everywhere! When it finally shipped we were leaving for vacation and had to have Fedex put a vacation hold on it, but it is finally here now! And it’s HUGE, I just love this thing…..

Want to see it?

New vigo kitchen sink



It’s from Vigo, made of composite stone. 36 ” in length! It is apron front and  has 2 different faces so that you can choose which you want showing. (one side has a vertical pattern and the other is plain)

AAAHHHH!! I’m sooo glad I chose a giant sink! I Can’t wait to see it in the kitchen!   Hey, maybe since it was so hard to pick it and get it here.. it will be super easy, smooth sailing for installation (let’s hope so)!


I can’t think of anything else we are doing right now except prepping food, staring at our beautiful new things all piled in the garage 🙂 and running to Lowes for more supplies!


I am counting down the days (and there aren’t many more now) for that first hammer to fall!

UPDATE: Before I could even post this (I think I started to Monday) So much has happened. We have been very busy getting things ready for Demo this weekend.
I pretty much cooked and prepped food for about 24 hours!! But now our Freezers are stocked and I feel so much more ready to be able to still feed my family during the chaos that is fast approaching 🙂

We (and our friend Jonathan ) have been to Lowes a couple times this week. I have to go again tonight to finalize a paint choice and return a couple of things.

Today we will finish packing everything away.

The boys were “helping” me pack the Tupperware yesterday…

boys helping in the old kitchen




Tomorrow it begins!

I’m praying for safety and wisdom throughout this whole project. That we can figure out what needs to be done and how and that we all don’t hate the process.


We are so very thankful for our friends willingness to help us with this gigantic project! And I’m overwhelmed by the the blessing of getting to remodel our kitchen! yay!!

I’m also praying for our boys (and patience with them for me) while everything is a little mixed up from the norm. It’s hard to figure out what and where they should go while we are working.. I am very thankful for the helpful Grandparents and babysitters we’ve enlisted for help with them. But, I know our 4 year old likes things “normal”, and is super curious, so I’m praying it isn’t to ruff on him during all of this process. On the days we aren’t working, I am planning on taking them to the park and play dates/drives… just to keep us out of the construction zone! 🙂

Stay tuned for the next post covering Demo weekend and the first sledge hammer swing! 🙂

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