Instant pot: Lunch, chicken in minutes!



Instant pot for lunch?

Yes! I can make chicken (from the freezer) in minutes and tada delicious lunch is happening for this momma!!

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Everyone knows by now how much I love the instant pot.


I really enjoy using the instant pot to help me stay on track at lunch time!

An easy way to make sure I get my protein in the middle of the day is by cooking chicken.

cooking in the Instant pot means you don’t have to thaw it!!!!!!

So, usually I just throw one frozen boneless chicken breast or boneless thigh in the pot and season it however I’m feeling that day.


My current Favorite seasonings are:

Cumin, chili powder, onion powder, and cyan pepper – if I want to make a something like a taco salad or just a little black beans.

Garlic, salt, pepper is my go to when I just want to have some veggies or a salad.

Celery Salt, olive oil and pepper is yummy too!

Really the options are endless


Cooking this in the instant pot couldn’t be easier! I just grab some chicken out of the freezer and throw it in! I like to use the metal trivet that came with my pot. I feel like the chicken is a better texture when it isn’t sitting in the water/juices. Also with just a little bit of chicken like this, I find it doesn’t need that much liquid to pressure cook. Chicken produces quite a bit of it’s of its own juices (yum chicken broth) and less water makes it come to pressure faster!! So I only put about 1/2 a cup into the bottom of the pot.


I set the pot for 15 minutes (high pressure) and make sure it is set to seal. And that’s all I have to do!!!!

Usually I set this and then start the boys lunches! By the time I’ve got them sitting and eating, my lunch is done and I get to eat too!!! yay!



Last week I had sweet potatoes! So, I seasoned my chicken as usual and threw the sweet potato in the pot along with it. I set it to the usual 15 minutes and it was seriously perfect!!!


Happy Instant Pot-ing to you all!




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7 thoughts on “Instant pot: Lunch, chicken in minutes!

    • I thought so too! But then my husband surprised me with one for Christmas and I can’t stop using it!! I use it everyday at least once… sometimes three times! And because it has a crockpot setting and cooks rice amazingly.. it has replaced several small appliances in our kitchen! * I expect a sale or two closer to Christmas! I’ll be sure to post when I hear, so if you want to follow our facebook page, we can let you know!!

  1. Oh that sounds awesome! I had no idea it could cook frozen chicken that fast! Thank you for sharing at Mommy Moments last week, this was the top viewed link and will be featured in the link up tomorrow. Congrats!

    • That’s fantastic! I’m so glad so many people were able to read this post and I hope it has helped them see how helpful the Instant Pot really is! We will have more posts of easy recipes for the IP soon!
      And Ps. Faith I enjoy reading your blog and love Mommy Moments each week! thanks for all you do to coordinate that!

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