Summer Inside activites

5 favorite Indoor Summer Activities

For those days that are just to hot to be outside, we need Indoor Summer Activities!

My boys love to be outside and we usually spend a little time every day  in the sunshine, but some days we need to be inside by 10 am, usually just for Mommy’s sanity! And the heat can be intense where we live! 



So here are 5 favorite indoor summer activities:

indoor sand boxes.

summer indoor activities

The boys love these! My Mom gave William one years ago. These box lids latch and keep everything together. The boys spend a lot of time, building moutains, digging, driving their tractors through the sand, and using cookie cutters to make shapes in the sand.

If you’ve been around here a little bit, you probably know I don’t like messy play, as in, My boys will tell you, play dough is illegal in our house haha But, this sand is manageable for me.

It is a mess I can handle

Pretty easy to clean up! Just usually wipe the sand back into the boxes. And sweep what landed on the floor. It’s soooo much easier to clean up them playdough smooshed into everything!!! And don’t even mention slime!!! Lord bless you if you are a fun Mom that can enjoy all that!

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creative building with simple supplies is another favorite inside summer activity

indoor summer activities

With just a pile of popsicle sticks and clothespins, this activity is so inexpensive. yet it keeps my boys busy for a long time (and pretty quiet too!)

summer indoor activities

I feel like it is pretty healthy for our kids to have to look at simple supplies and come up with fun on their own. They should have a chance to be creative in their own way. It’s amazing what they come up with!

Workbook practice

We also do a very little bit of “school work”. Not enough to make it burdensome but just a little to help us not forget all we learned last year. And prep our in coming Kindergartner! I’m loving the Brain Quest books, the boys think they are fun! And I’m using summer time to introduce the boys to some of my favorite classic books!

Jumping around and balancing

These “rocks” are a big hit when we need to get our bodies moving! The boys can play with them indoors or out!

Nearly forgot to talk about our favorite activity around here.. winter or summer doesn’t matter. Legos will always be a top choice for my guys.

lego Block Building

William and I are working on this bigger project together but they also love the smaller sets, that they can build on their own.

And for the little ones just getting started with lego building, there are Junior sets that are a bit easier to put together!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 5 favorite indoor summer activities! What are some of your favorite activities?

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I hope you are all enjoying the season,

Deanna Grace

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