freezer cooking with once a month meals

How To Freezer Cook and Use Once A Month Meals

How To Use Your Once A Month Meals and How to freezer cook with this awesome membership.



Let’s explore this amazing membership!

How To Freezer Cook and Use Once A Month Meals

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first let’s check out the menus. Click the menus tab at the top of the page (if you are on your phone it may be in a different location)

Once A Month Meals How To Use Your Membership!


Here you will see more than 200 menus that have been compiled for you! What’s really amazing about these is that they have been arranged to be a balanced menu so you don’t have too much to do when you get to cooking your menu!

You can search menus by several menu types. Looking for meals to use your new Instant Pot? There are lots of menus for that!  But, if you need some dietary specific menus, you can filter by that too!

Basically, have fun searching through all of these amazing menus. Course you could always build your own menu. But, I find this to be the best way to start.. and I’ll show you how to customize it!

If this is your first time doing a freezer meal menu, I suggest you start with a mini menu.

For this example I’ve selected this Fall Instant Pot Dump and Go Mini Menu

Once A Month Meals How to

Just  a note: That Orange circle at the bottom right corner is OAMM’s live chat! If you have questions during any part of this planning process, They are there to help!

Ok, so you’ll want to select that button that says Add  to my menus.

mini menus have 10 recipes, (These double to make 20 meals)

Now that it’s in your menus we can customize it!

 If there is a recipe you don’t want to make, you can delete it. And if you want to add another recipe to replace it you can select that orange button and go looking for something you do want!


Here you will find lots of way you can filter your search and find what you’d like to add to your menu!







Here are the filter options and what they mean

How To Freezer Cook and Use Once A Month MealsCATEGORIES: again this is where you select diet specific recipes.

MEAL TYPE: select breakfast, lunch, dinner,snack, add-on, or side dish recipes.

COOKING DAY COOK TYPE: The method of cooking or preparing your meal BEFORE freezing it.


SERVING DAY COOK TYPE: The method of cooking or re-heating your meal AFTER freezing it — to serve and then eat.


Once you find one you want to add, you select it and then select Add to my menu at the top of the page!


Now let’s go back to our menu!

You can now adjust the serving sizes (We like to do one extra serving, so my husband can take left overs for lunch the next day) and then select Download all resources and we will go through what each one is!


first one is your shopping list!

organized and beautiful! 🙂 once a month meals





at the end of your shopping list you have a “serving day shopping list”

these items are the things you don’t freeze but will need to add the day you serve. *not all meals have these items.once a month meals


I like to go ahead and get the shelf stable items along with my other list, so I don’t forget them later.


Next in your resources you’ll find your “Prep List”

Now that you have all of your ingredients this list tells you what needs to be done to them.

 most meat will need to be cut up in one way or another (smaller pieces insures consistent cook time from frozen.)

veggies will be chopped, sliced, diced etc. and it’s all listed here for you!


My favorite way to do a freezer cooking day would be to shop for everything (using Sam’s club order and pick up and Walmart Grocery pick up of course), come home with all the ingredients and do this prep list right away.  I usually just store the prepped ingredients in Tupperware or baggies in the fridge.

next day I can start the cooking day instructions

   I love how this is divided up into simple steps!


Just start at 1 and before you know it you will have your freezer stocked!!


Next, in your resources you’ll find recipe cards


with each complete recipe. I find these helpful when I’m going through my cooking day list, if I get confused by any instructions, I can usually understand them once I look over the recipe card!


and then we come to the Thaw Sheet

Print this out and hang it on your fridge or put it in your home binder, where ever it can be easy to reference when you are looking to use one of your freezer meals. This tells you how long you need for each meal!

*and if you are prepping meals for your Instant Pot, there is no thawing required!!!


and last but not least you have your Labels

 you can print these labels on regular paper and tape them, or print them on label paper and you are all set.

Take note that these labels not only tell you what meal is in each bag or container but also, instructions on how to reheat/cook and serve. AND just recently added the serving day ingredients right on the label!! 🙂


I hope this helps you understand how awesome your membership with Once A Month Meals is and how it can really help you with mealtime!


Know someone who could really use some help with dinner prep and learning how to freezer cook?  (I mean really who doesn’t, right?) How about a Gift Card for  Once A Month Meals! Membership should be open again first of the year!! A gift card for Once A Month Meals could really mean a great start for someone in 2019!

If you have any questions about How to Freezer Cook please comment below,

Happy Freezer, Instant pot cooking to you all,

Deanna Grace

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