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Here’s How We Prepare For Overnight Babysitters, Download Our Free Printables To Help You Too!

Preparing for overnight babysitters can be a daunting task but, although we don’t get to do so very often, I find that it helps if I’m as prepared and organized as I can be. Maybe some of the things I did this week will help you too!

Our kids have amazing Grandparents on both sides of the family! And we are very blessed to have so much of our family living nearby.

Just recently, the Love Grandparents came to stay the weekend and Mr. Love and I got to go away.. for 2 whole nights with out kids!!!  aaahhh!

We were excited and incredibly blessed to have the opportunity!  (we think it’s been about 2 years, since our last get away)

Every one says, time away is important and so healthy and yet it’s not easy to actually do!! Babysitter preparing


Like I said, when anyone is staying with our kiddos, especially for a full day or over night, I like to be as prepared and organized as possible. So, I thought I’d show you a few of the things I do in anticipation for leaving our kiddos in someone else’s care.

I do think this is a bit different if they are staying over in someone’s home. Because their routine is disrupted no matter what.. but being in our own house, I feel like the boys will expect a bit of normalcy and I really think it helps everyone!

And of course at the end of the day, Grandparents can do whatever they want/need to do.. they are giving us a gigantic gift in just watching them.. so my lists are more like suggestions anyways.

Because honestly, keeping them alive is about all I ask haha.

Any of the things I do is only for the sake of trying to make things as simple and easy for Grandma and Papa as I can! 🙂

1st I prepared some freezer meals.  The weekend before we left I filled our freezer with some dinner options. I used my membership with Once A Month Meals to build a menu that included some easy Instant Pot meals.

The Instant Pot is amazing for this, as the instructions will be simple and Grandma won’t even have to worry about thawing out anything ahead of time.

The rest of the meal options/suggestions will be added to this awesome list made by my dearest friend over at (she’s also my go to gal for essential oils!!)

Menu for babysitters







Here’s a sample of one of the meals I had ready for them.

Next, I filled out this normal routine’s printable To be used as a general guide to what the boys are used to doing throughout the day!routines for the babysitter


Here I can put when the baby usually goes down for a nap, when he gets a bottle, what time the boys are used to eating meals… etc.




Also I have cards printed out with instructions for important things like the coffee pot!! Cause you all know how important coffee would be during a  weekend with our boys!! Haha

And I make sure our Emergency list is all up to date!

Something I often forget is to leave their

medical cards with Grandparents,

in case of an emergency!Emergency contacts for babysitters


Now, there was really only cleaning the house left to do … maybe I shouldn’t have left that for the end 🙂
Still I will freshen bedding, and try to clear piles.

*Here’s something I forget often, Clean out the fridge.

That way you can tell Grandparents that any left overs in the fridge are fresh.

If you would like any of our printables. We would love to send you this packet .

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How do you prepare for sitters? I’d love to know if you have another tip or trick to share!

And one more time, let me thank my dear friend Andi over at for her help in these adorable printables! I can’t wait for you to see how precious all the little “scribbles” drawn by our kiddos are on each one!!

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