Floors are here!

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This week the focus has changed from tearing down the old kitchen to beginning to build up the new! yay!

There was a lot of preps for walls, wiring, etc. all through out the week. and then on the weekend the guys did the flooring! and I just love it!!

Dad and Ryan working on the wall

We bought a bamboo plank flooring from a sale at lumber liquidators. I love how it feels on bare feet. And I think the color is very peaceful!


My favorite thing about seeing the flooring in, is that I’m finally able to see our vision coming to life. AND it seems to be working! hahaha what do you know? I might actually be able to design a kitchen!! 🙂 *At the very least pick awesome floors! And now it feels like the rest is on it’s way! So, that’s exciting too!

working on the floor

new floors

floors It’s hard to show the actual color in a picture but these ones are pretty close I think.

It was a hard day of work for the men and I’m so thankful for all the help!

Here they are pretty excited about the final piece!!

down to the last piece   putting in the last piece!

The boys have had a lot of fun with all this extra space and I enjoyed playing with them on the new floors, they are so nice!

trains on the floor

trains on the new floors



In other news….

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer around here (the guys had to work through some 100+ days already, YIKES)

The boys are pretty excited about our new swimming pool, though they didn’t think they could survive the anticipation as we set it up!

swimming pool time We were given this pool, it’s an Intex and is really nice!

You can order them on amazon, check it out here

And my Mom made the boys a sand tent this week!!

It’s pretty awesome! The boys love it! And I like that I can zip it up when they aren’t playing in it!

sand tent If you’d like to make your own the tents themselves are pretty inexpensive!

Walmart has some on sale right now

This barnyard tent is so cute! and there are lots of other designs to choose from too!



and sand like this…

.5Cuft Play Sand


My Mom put a board in the bottom to keep the edge of the door from falling down and this made it sort of more like a sand “box”.

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