concrete countertops

Finished Kitchen concrete counter tops with pictures


I realized that I never really posted some “after” pictures of the whole  kitchen remodel. So I thought I would post some pictures of our finished Kitchen Concrete Counter Tops for you today.

I don’t know why we didn’t post these last year… Maybe because we just started using the kitchen right away. Maybe because the counters are NEVER clear enough to take a pic. Maybe because the kitchen really isn’t done and there’s a few things we would like to finish, someday. But the truth is, we LOVE our Kitchen and our remodel is the best thing ever. 🙂

The counter tops are arguably the best part of the whole project… I really love the way they look, how easily they wipe clean and seriously, they are made of concrete so, like I can’t hurt them (they have hurt a head or two before the boys figured out they shouldn’t bang their heads while running under them.. but everyone is fine) 🙂

We will need to re-seal them every 18 – 24 months but it’s a pretty simple process.. when we remember to order the seal ( Ryan: since you are reading this, can this count as a reminder to order that? 🙂 ) And that’s all the maintenance these counter tops require.


Anyways, the other day I cleared the counters and snapped a few pictures so I can share them with you!


But first, here are some before pics, So crazy
to think this use to be my kitchen….
Remodel before pics












concrete countertops











some fun in process pics….

ikea cabinets


remodel process   boys and cardboard crafts











The boys had so much fun!





Now for the photos you’ve all been waiting for…..

Concrete countertops

concrete counter tops and open shelves

Want to see more of the remodel?

I posted about it all as it was happening here!


Are you prepping for a kitchen remodel? Considering concrete counter tops here’s what we did.

Preparation Is The Key To Success!

Concrete Countertops!


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