Favorite Food Delivery

If you know me even a little, then you know that I love food!

So, when you are reading what I’m about to tell you, and you think to yourself… this chick is a bit to excited about this… You would be right! haha but, you should still read on…

favorite food delivery

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Maybe you’ve heard of these apps that allow you to order food from different restaurants and have them delivered to you!  I’ve been hearing about quite a few different ones popping up.. but they have never been available in our area… until NOW!!

My favorite food delivery service is here….

Introducing: Door Dash

From the website: DoorDash is a technology platform that connects local businesses to people. We aim to make every city smaller by bringing you food – faster, fresher, and from farther away.

Started 4 years ago, now in over 600 cities!!

And the amazing thing is… these are places we LOVE. umm can you just imagine with me …. Starbucks delivered on a hard day?? (can I get a Hallelujah?!)

Here’s just a small list of the places near me:

                  Blaze Pizza                                          Chipotle

                   Starbucks                                             Luu’s Chicken Bowl

                   McDonald’s                                          Dad’s Hot dogs

Taco Bell                                               Food 4 less chinese deli

                  Payter’s grill                                            Boudin SF

                   Royal Siam                                           Subway

                    Buffalo Wild Wings                            Adalberto’s

                    Cocoro To Go                                      IHOP

                   Jack in the box                                     Yogurtland

                   Peet’s coffee                                           Del Taco

The list literally goes on and on….

I love that it is small local businesses along with big chain restaurants.

So, of course I HAD to try this out.

And the other night was the perfect chance to, Ryan went to the movies with his brother after work… so I decided to make mac n cheese for the boys and order something for myself. My Mom said she was going to swing by, so I suggested I order dinner for us both.

I ordered our favorites from Chipotle (always a great choice) and selected delivery for an hour later, since my Mom hadn’t arrived yet.

I received texts for each step of the process.

When my food was picked up at the restaurant.

When my delivery driver had arrived at my home.

And then after it was delivered, asking how I enjoyed the meal when it was done.

It came right on time, was piping hot, and our exact order.  And oh so yummy!

So how much more does this magic service cost??

I checked a few of our favorite place and compared to their websites food with the listed items in the app and prices seem to be the same.  Each place does have a delivery charge (waived for the first order) it seems to be anywhere from $3. up to $6. Delivery charges are listed next to the name of the restaurant.

Then you have the opportunity to tip your Dasher (which I highly recommend, They are providing an amazing service after all)

I can think of soooo many times that a service like this will be useful:

I’ve already heard of some teacher friends, ordering for lunch at school, we all know they don’t get much of a lunch break, and certainly not long enough to run out for food!

Around here we like to do date nights in, especially when babysitters are hard to come by, where we will feed the boys dinner and put them to bed before one of us goes and picks up dinner, so we can enjoy a meal together uninterrupted, or even watch a grown up movie! DoorDash eliminates the need for one of us to go out at all!

How about Saturday morning breakfast?? I love breakfast, I really love when I don’t have to make breakfast! How about IHOP delivered to your door as you are all just getting up?!?! Throw in Starbucks and you are set to go!

AND you can schedule your deliveries 4 days in advance too!

Or how about all of us Mamas who would rather not load up all of our kiddos to pick up food, um ever! haha

Having a meeting or just a group of friends hanging out? There’ s a group order feature:

A group order allows multiple people to add their individual items into a collective order cart at the same time. Once a group order is created through your DoorDash Account, the rest of your group doesn’t need to have a doordash Account to use the group order link. And you can pre-order up to four days in advance, which makes for easy group meal planning.

You can get $10.oo Off your first order by using our referral link here!

I hope you can check it out, and I hope you enjoy having yummy food delivered to your door, as much as I did. Where will you order from first?

I’m off to convince myself that I don’t need to have something delivered for lunch today.. or maybe I do!?!? haha

Happy Eating!

Deanna Grace

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