Easy Easter Ideas for at home this year!

Here’s a list of Easy Easter Ideas at home for our families this year!  

April doesn’ look like anything any of us had hoped for or planned on….

I know lots of us are super bummed… I have no problem admitting that this has been hard for me.
One thing I’m determined to do, is to still make Easter special for our family.

I know it won’t look the same, there won’t be new outfits and fancy church services, Family BBqs or giant egg hunts BUT there are some pretty fantastic and creative ways to still celebrate the season and remember Jesus!

One thing that hasn’t changed (maybe the only thing) is that God loved us so much that HE gave HIS only Son Jesus so that anyone who believes would have Eternal Life! AND not only did HE die for our sins, He conquered death and the grave and gave us NEW RESURRECTED LIFE when he rose from the grave!!!

And THAT will always be a reason to celebrate!!!

I thought I’d share some Easy Easter Ideas

 I’ve gathered a list, some we do every year, most are ideas I’m possibly trying this year. And most of them have been found on Pinterest. (I”ll share the original pin where I can) 

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and a cute book to go with them!

My Mom bought us a set like this awhile ago. The boys always love to go through the eggs.
The book BENJAMIN”S BOX is a story you can read while you open each egg!

Easter Egg Hunt

If you are doing an Easter Egg hunt here are some ideas:
a. We always hide an empty egg (really cool if it’s a sparkly gold one) and when we find it, we tell the kids that it is representing the empty tomb!

b. This idea from smartschoolhouse.com is really neat. and I think we’ll get some tea lights to do this for 2020. This is also really cool for when it inevitably is freezing cold and rainy on Easter… we can hide them inside and turn off the lights!

photo by smartschoolhouse.com

Since most of us have plenty of time this Easter, Why not a scavenger hunt to find the eggs/Easter baskets?

This one even has ideas for teens too!

or these free printables from happyhealthymama.com


Empty Tomb Rolls

I love these rolls!! Here is a great recipe and tutorial over at aroundmyfamilytable.com. You can bake them together while telling the story and then enjoy a treat once they are baked and you open them to find the empty “tomb”

photo by aroundmyfamilytable.com

How about these Rice Krispy eggs from Passionforsavings.com

If you are looking for more fun Easter snacks or treats check out this list on happyhomefairy.com I especially love the easy crown of thorn cookies!!!

Crafts and Games

I’m hoping to find all the things I need for this amazing miniature garden from wearethatfamily.com

phot by wearethatfamily.com

Easter Bingo from playpartyplan.com

Easter Candy Dice Game from Cupcake Diaries

Find your Bunny Name! by LearningStationmusic.com

We are crazy about LEGO in this house and this Easter Lego Challenge by proverbialhomemaker.com is amazing! AND IT’S ON SALE RIGHT NOW!

Easter Story Printables from 1plus1plus1equals1.net

photo by 1plus1plus1equals1.net How Cute are these?? I love the idea of using play dough to stand them up!

Now I know this April is full of a lot of unknown for most of us. And “low-key” schedules for sure have our whole house a bit off. BUT all the more reason to find some fun new things to do to celebrate the Resurrection! Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new tradition! And I think we will all make some amazing memories too!

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What are some of your traditions for Easter? Have any favorites I should add to our list?


Take a look at our recipe page for lots of Instant Pot help!

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