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Easy DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Today I am Making My Super Easy DIY Foaming Hand Soap!

It only takes a few minutes and a couple of ingredients!

If you’ve been around love and scribbles for a little while, you’ve probably noticed my focus has been on switching out the products we use around our home. Ditching the toxic, chemically laden products for natural, plant based ones, wherever we can!

This Easy DIY Foaming Hand Soap is exactly what we need to trade in the (who-knows-what) ingredients in what we use to wash our hands everyday!

Using our amazing Young Living essential oils!

Young Living does have a foaming hand soap, already to use. If DIY is not your thing.. its an amazing product in their Thieves line of products.
This DIY foaming hand soap is just a way to stretch the dollar and product a little farther.

With these instructions a quart size jar of hand soap will cost $1.15 – $1.50 Depending on what oils you use (Based on the Wholesale price of Young Living Essential Oils)

Supplies you will need:
jar or conatiner
I’m using regular mouth mason jars (because I have a bunch of them already)
and these dispenser lids from Amazon!    only $9.49 for two!

Castile Soap (This Dr. Bronner is one that is recommended by many)
5-10 drops of your favorite young living essential oils/blends

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Some of my favorite combinations:
Thieves and lemon
Thieves and lavender
Cedarwood and lemon or Orange

DIY Foaming Hand Soap Instructions:

Fill your jar about 2/3 full of water
Fill the rest with your Castile Soap
add 5-10 drops Young Living Essential Oils (Need some essential oils? click here to order retail or find out how to get the wholesale price)

and that’s all it takes!

For our boys bathroom, we put legos inside to float around in there… (maybe they will wash their hands more often if it’s fun?!?!?!)

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Here’s a video showing you how simple it is to make this:

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

foaming Hand Soap
hand soap ingredients

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