Christmas with Young Living

Easy Christmas Gifts From Young Living

Did you know a lot of things have changed in the ways you can order from Young Living? 

If you’ve looked into becoming a part of Young Living Essential Oils before, then you probably remember something about having to start out with a premium Starter kit, in order to unlock the wholesale prices on the products.  Those kits are still available and a fantastic way to try out some of our favorite oils and products BUT no longer do you HAVE to order one of kits to get started. 

 Now, in order to get access to the amazing wholesale prices, all you have to do is order 100pv (about $100) in your first order OR set up a subscribe and save, a monthly subscription with at least one product in it (this is awesome for those items we use all the time, like deodorant, laundry detergent, hand soap, toothpaste, etc…). Wala, You get the benefits of joining Young Living and get to completely customize the items you get to try out!  Oh, and You’ll keep those benefits for a whole year! 

May I suggest a fun way to take advantage of all these new benefits? 

How about getting some of your Christmas shopping done at the same time? (Don’t forget to add some fun things for yourself) let me show you some of my suggestions for easy gifts this Christmas! 

Christmas with Young Living

These Christmas gifts would be perfect for a hostess gift or coworker. Those hard-to-buy for family members or friends!  There are even some great options for your friends with new babies. And stocking stuffer ideas too!

Loveandscribbles is an Amazon Associate as well as a Young Living Distributor. Meaning I may receive compensation when you shop the links below, at no extra cost to you. ** Ordering from Young Living through my links also means I’ll be able to help you with any questions at any time during your membership, along with a fantastic team.

Individual Links in this list will bring you to Amazon for some of the generic products that pair well with Young Living Items. Please see the link for any of the young living products at the end of this post!

  1. Hand towels paired with the luscious lemon or thieves hand soap! 
  2. Yl ornament with either pine or Christmas spirit 
  3. Water bottle with lemon vitality oil or these delish hydration drops
  4. Eye shadow pallet from savvy minerals and a makeup brush
  5. Shelf with a selection of vitality oils for the kitchen
  6. Savvy minerals lipsticks savvy minerals by young living
  7. Spray bottle with thieves cleaner
  8. Thieves tile scrub with a scrub brush
  9. Thieves cleaner kit
  10. Oils case with a few of your favorite oils
  11. Bamboo holder with 3 oils
  12. Yl apron with vitality oils
  13. Mixing spoons or cookie cutters with vitality oils young living vitality oils and Christmas cookies
  14.  Dryer balls with lavender or purification
  15. Kids diffuser bracelets and kidscent oils
  16. Baby wipes, lotions, wash tender tush
  17. Seedlings towel and basket set seedling line by young living
  18. Christmas mug with Tea and Vitality oil ( I love bergamot in black tea!)
  19. Cozy socks with Young Living mint foot scrub
  20. YL Shutran Shave Cream, Aftershave lotion, or beard oil

Need some stocking stuffers: 

Poppyseed lip scrub, chapsticks, hand sanitizer, mints,  diffuser bracelets, charcoal bar soap, charcoal mask, or facial scrub, Shutran beard oil

Here is the bundle I’ve created for my Young Living Website. Simply add any of the items to your cart to purchase.

Remember, 100pv orders or adding even just one item to your subscribe and save will get you the wholesale pricing! And I’m always available to help!

More options for the ideas available on Amazon are here on this ideas list!

ps. Please, please do NOT buy Essential Oils from Amazon, there is no way to know what they put in those bottles. Only buy Essential Oils you can trust, If you want to know more about why we trust Young Living please comment below or message me!

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