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Do you want an Instant Pot but Don’t know where to start?


Did you just discover how amazing the Instant Pot can be?

Let me help, with a fewtips on where to start looking for an instant pot

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First here’s a post I wrote way back when I first started falling in love with the Instant Pot.

Also, We all know lots of stores will have some Instant pot deals coming soon, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I will be keeping an eye out for the best deals (especially those ones that don’t require you to stand in line for hours).

For now  If you are hoping to use yours for Thanksgiving and want to order it now!

Amazon is one of our favorite places to order, Prime means you get it in just a couple days!

Shop Instant Pot on Amazon

Target has a gift card promo right now: 

Accessories are a fun addition to your Instant Pot. Of course not a requirement but many make things easier, as well as just allows you to be adventurous with new ways to use your Pot.

Recipe Creating has been a new thing for me here at Loveandscribbles but I am adding more and more to the blog as quick as I can! 🙂

You can search our recipes here:

If you have any questions, please comment here or email me at

We also have a Facebook Page, where I post updates, tips, etc. and you can message me there as well!

And Instagram account.

I hope this has helped you know a little more about where to start looking for an instant pot and how to start using it too!

Blessings to you, and Happy Pressure Cooking,
Deanna Grace

2 thoughts on “Do you want an Instant Pot but Don’t know where to start?

  1. Bonnie Pater

    I just started to use my new Instant Pot, and am truly amazed how fast and well it cooks foods. I live at Del Webb in Manteca and we have a Cooking 401 class for all residents once a month. Next week a member will be demonstrating Thanksgiving in One pot. I will let you know how it works out. Susan at WW gave my your information today. She mentioned your program that you gave that wowed everyone. Look forward to seeing more on your site.
    Thank you,
    Bonnie Pater

    • how exciting!! I’m so glad you are enjoying your instant pot! I love the idea of your cooking class, I think that’s really fun! I would love to know how it goes. and if there’s ever an interest in a class like I offered this past week, please let me know!

      I’m also so thankful your friend past my info on to you.. I hope find this site helpful and you’ll ask questions if you need help! 🙂

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