Cutting the cord!

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You’ve probably heard of this movement to get rid of cable tv. Many call it ” cutting the cord” and they are going with alternatives like internet streaming channels in order to cut down on a huge bill!


I hated our cable bill, Why is it so much just for television? We went through most cable companies available in our area. Switching back and forth in order to wrangle the best deal we could, it was a headache and despite the effort it was still a pretty big bill.


Our solution?


The ROKU player.  Here is a little bit from the company about this product:


The Roku player is Netflix Members’ #1 Rated Streaming Device and voted Engadget’s Home Entertainment Device of the Year!

The Roku player is like having your own video library at home with over 300,000 choices – from the best movies, TV shows to sports. The Roku player is the easiest way to watch anything and everything from Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand,, Pandora and more instantly on your TV.

The Wall Street Journal, CNET, WIRED, and other publications have given the Roku player overwhelmingly positive reviews. Now there’s a Roku player to fit every budget starting at $49.99.


Basically, you buy the roku box (or stick if your tv is hung on the wall) and you use Roku as sort of the portal to all your membership accounts for streaming.  Memberships like Netflex, Amazon prime on Demand, Hulu. Even specific channels available on Roku, for example,,, Kids channels,music even games.

Some of these charge a membership fee, others are free. But even with fees, we have seen a huge drop in our monthly bill from what the regular cable guys are charging! And I like that we are paying for only the services and channels we use, instead of the lump packages from cable companies of a hundred channels and shows we don’t watch just to get the news channel we do.

When choosing our memberships, we searched for our favorites shows, shows we would miss when we cut the cord and decided on which streaming companies would provide us with enough entertainment.  *currently our paid memberships include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon (Amazon prime on demand comes with your prime membership).



Check out Roku for yourself, maybe you’ll find it can help you save on entertainment as well.. plus some of their products include awesome features like voice command and remote locator!

You can also buy Roku from Amazon. And if you are anything like us, you’ll be glad to know they even have extra remotes and accessories you can buy… you know, in case your two your old dunks your remote in your coffee one morning… just saying! 🙂

There are other companies out there like Roku. Apple TV, Fire (from Amazon)  The best thing to do is just compare all that they do and price and see what fits your budget saving goals and entertainment needs best!


Hope this helps in cutting one of the biggest monthly bills most american homes have. And hope you enjoy the savings as much as we are!


Let me know if I can help in anyway.






  • This post includes Affiliate links. Which only means i get paid a little bit from these companies, if you shop through my website. At no extra cost to you. pretty cool huh?Thanks for shopping!

2 thoughts on “Cutting the cord!

  1. Gina Armstrong

    We have been using Roku since November 2015 and we love it! PBS for kids and Netflix are our favorites!!! It’s so freeing to cut the cord!

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