Cooking once for the whole month. Take 2!

Its February!  yay! We have less than a month until our due date! And boy am I feeling pregnant these days!! Can’t wait to meet this growing boy and to be done being pregnant! haha It’s truly amazing what our bodies can do, and being a part of this miracle is incredible!


I loved not cooking last month! I had a freezer stocked of 30 meals and didn’t have to worry about much when it came time to getting food on the table each night. No matter how busy we were or tired I was!


So, we did it again for this month! This time I chose to create my own menu from scratch, searching through so many wonderful recipes at Once a Month Meals! I mixed it up with different serving day options, mostly using my Instant Pot but also my oven!

I love how easy it is to find recipes your family will enjoy, and customize them for your family size!


This time along with the 30 meals for us, I also made a few dinners for my parent’s freezer and selected a few different recipes for lunches for myself. (Pizza stuffed sweet potatoes, turkey zucchini boats, and marinated chicken thighs, yum!)


I won’t deny that it was a lot of work and at the end of the day this time, I began to feel like I over did it… (at this point just trying to walk and breath is a workout though! ) AND the truly awesome thing is now I’m done cooking for a while and providing dinner for my family each night involves very minimal effort and hardly any mess! In fact looking at our schedule we will probably stretch these meals out through March as well!


I wanted to show you a few of the details and lists that I love about Once A Month Meals and why I wouldn’t do this without their wonderful help!


After I selected all of our meals, I split the shopping list up between what I could get at Sam’s Club  and Walmart Grocery Pick Up.   

Did you know Sam’s club has a click and go option? It’s a separate app and to use it, all you do is scan each item as you put it in your cart. Then you can purchase using a saved credit card number. At the door you show them your confirmation and they check your cart. And that’s it.  You don’t have to wait in line, or put your items on the belt or anything! It’s lovely!

Sam's Club February Instant Savings




Once A Month Meals recommends you go ahead and start the chopping after shopping and separate the chopping and cooking/freezing into two days! I think this is a fantastic idea!

So I brought home all the Sam’s club stuff and washed and started chopping veggies and meat! check out how organized this list is!


Freezer cooking chopping list. Onceamonthmeals



This chopping/prep list is amazingly detailed. With exactly how many ounces/cups etc you need of each item and how they should be prepped.

chopping onions in the Ninja is the best!

Tip: To keep your potatoes from turning brown just cover them with water!










The next morning my husband picked up the Walmart order and I was able to finish up the prep. Then get to the freezing list!


 These step by step instructions really help make your day of cooking super efficient!

I don’t want to minimize the fact that this IS a long couple of days! It IS a lot of work. But, the work, the mess, all the gadgets and tools, dishes and food is all done in one long day or two and that’s it!! (let’s be honest I save many of the dishes for the next day, so for me it works if I have about 2 and a half days to concentrate on this! One weekend and then done!)


The Instant Pot meals require absolutely no thawing ahead of time! seriously! I walk to the freezer, plop it in the pot and turn. it. on!  But there is a very handy Thaw Sheet in the provided resources to keep on your fridge for meals that will need to thaw the night before for example! And this list is also how I keep inventory on what we have in the freezer to cook for the month!



So check out Once A Month Meals and let me know what you think! (you could sign up for just one month to see if it works for you or even download a mini sample menu for free!)


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Sam's Club February Instant Savings        


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