Buying Ikea cabinets

We picked up our cabinets a couple weeks ago!

There is now a huge pile (ok a few huge piles) of boxes in our garage just waiting for us to test our marriage and communication skills while we assemble them! 🙂 hehehe It’s going to be GREAT!!!20160415_214807286_iOS


It took a lot of thinking, measuring, planning before we could pick them up.   I used sticky notes all over my existing kitchen to make sure I have a spot for everything in the new one. Then I attempted to use the Ikea Kitchen Planner on my computer.  It is a fantastic idea, but the actual program is very difficult to work with because it doesn’t load, jumps around, and takes forever!  So, eventually I got fed up with trying that and stuck with just good ol’  pen and paper!

Kitchen Remodel

This was when we were deciding if we could extend the countertops and fit in another cabinet! Because we are removing this wall we have a lot of options here!

Kitchen remodel decisions

Sticky notes everywhere and we taped the measurements on the floor to make sure it was all fitting correctly!

If you are looking into Ikea Kitchen cabinets make sure you pick up ALL of their catalogs and books. They have separate books for cabinets, faucets, sinks, appliances.  It will give you a full picture of what they have to offer.  In the end I took the cabinet catalog and cut out all the cabinets I wanted.


See here:

planning our IKEA kitchen


Move cabinets around ALOT! Make sure you really like how it feels and of course that it makes sense. (if you are using existing pipes and things like that you’ll need to make sure some things like sinks are where they belong!)


Then when you are ready to buy, if you can time your trip with the kitchen sales that IKEA has a couple times a year.. you will be very glad you did!!  The current sale we landed on was 15% back on your full purchase on an IKEA gift card.. which was perfect for purchasing the microwave my amazing husband found in the as is department and some of the fun accessories for inside the drawers.

We decided to go with all drawers instead of shelves and cupboard doors on the bottom cabinets. I like that the drawers pull all the way out and I like the organization so much better!

Now for putting them all together… we’ll need to assemble a couple cabinets/drawers a week in order to have them ready before demo weekend!


So exciting!


Let me know if you have any questions about IKEA.. I’m most certainly not an expert but I have been learning a lot! 🙂


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  1. Hey Deanna,
    Thanks for the info on Ikea today.
    We are getting a new store right down the street. Looking forward to shopping there.
    Found your post on Modest Mom.
    Hope you have a great Monday~

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