Built For This!

Built BoyMom Tough!


We have now welcomed our third baby boy into our home. He’s perfect!  We are working on the usual.. finding a schedule, balancing the new normal routines with everyone, housework, school work, this blog, church, etc.

There has definitely been a switch in my thinking and perspective this time around.

I realized even while I was pregnant with this third child that to me, three is game-changing! Ok, let me say, Mommy-ing  isn’t easy at any level. I don’t think it matters at all whether you have 1 or 20. If you still have babies in your home, or teens or adult children even. It takes a crazy amount of stamina, determination, sacrifice, wisdom and prayer and my older two have certainly kept me guessing and on my knees these 5 years of parenting! But 3!?!? I mean I don’t have 3 hands.. haha. We also had to move into the “big” car because three car seats can’t fit in the back of a prius..  (so sad!!) And the fact that our oldest is 5 now and totally not a baby or tot anymore changes so much… we have a kid people and now a baby too!

Plus, something about third time around seems to have allowed me to not stress quite as much about things.. maybe time has made me see how true it is that this all flies by so quickly. That things like sleepless nights or even potty training really won’t last forever.. so I should just breathe!

Another thing that “changed” is I began to own this BOYMOM status with Pride and determination. This Momma bear is on my boy’s side!

From the moment we began picking his name we just believed how the Lord knows what He is doing and this little boy will fit perfectly into our family.  That it will seem to us exactly as it should be because His plans are perfect! And we immediately started  talking about the fun of 3 little men around our table and in our home! How awesome is this life?? We are so blessed! It’s all one big adventure! It is so funny how now the idea of a girl instead of our little David is crazy to me! I can’t even fathom fitting a girl into the mix. This really is our perfect!


So David is here! He’s beautiful and a joy to our whole family! William (5) loves being a big brother.. loves holding him and helping however he can (and sometimes a little more than he should)! James (3) took  awhile to warm up to him but now he often says ” Baby David is so cute”  Though he still is ok with leaving him alone most of the time and would rather not share Mommy as much! haha   





I’ve also recently renewed my determination to gain wisdom from Moms who have raised men well. I’m currently in the middle of 3 books right now!

I really like this one by Dr. Emerson Eggrichs Mother and Son: The Respect Effect.



This shirt says Built boymom tough. As I put it on the other day I realized what a great reminder this saying can be for me. I was built for this! The Lord has prepared me for my calling and these 3 boys and our loud home are my mission field! I don’t always FEEL equipped for the job but I need to remember that the Lord hasn’t forgotten to give me everything I need!


And when I rely on HIM I can remember that I can do all things through Him.  I also remind myself that I LOVE this calling. Sometimes in the craziness I can forget that, but it’s true! These three little men have stolen my heart and continue to everyday❣ They are pretty incredible people! And I know I keep saying it but the Lord has a lot planned for them! I’m so glad I have a front row seat to all of it!

I don’t always want to do the everyday messy days… like when I’ve been up most of the night with David and then I hear William and James begin arguing before they even leave their beds.. I can be a little discouraged and wish I could stay in the covers. ?

And there are times when it seems like no progress is being made with behavior or character building or even basic hygiene ?. But I HAVE to remember that just isn’t truth! We are all growing every day! and we’ve all come a long way already!  In those moments I choose to have faith and keep on keeping on!

After all I was built for this!! ?

And You were too! Boy mom, girl mom, or not a mom. Wife life or singleness. Work at home, own your own business, or work for someone else. Even when you are in what seems to be a waiting room for your life or on a grand adventure.. either way…

You Were Built For This my friend!!


I hope you can be encouraged today that you have what it takes! The Lord is faithful and on your side!



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  1. “Built Boymom Tough”. It’s perfect for moms of adventurous boys. Thanks for this inspirational and encouraging posts. Hope you will join us again.

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