Bedtime Transitions follow up and an alarm clock review

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It’s been 2 weeks since we moved “baby” James into a toddler bed and began the sharing a bedroom adventure! See the original post here.

We are all adjusting to the change! Mom and Dad most definitely like having their room back, I make sure to turn on the lights every night while I’m getting ready for bed, just because I can! haha
The boys seem to like it a lot and I’ve even caught William trying to convince brother to play “sleeping” in their beds during the day! 🙂

Bedtime is still full of giggles and James tests the boundaries every night, getting in and out of bed.. it’s just so exciting! For now, our solution has been that Daddy goes in there and sits with them at first, until they are calmed down and quiet. James usually falls a sleep pretty quickly. I’m sure they won’t need that for every but I also hope it’s just a sweet time spent with Daddy too!

Thankfully they aren’t getting up in the middle of the night as much anymore. Our problems are mostly just at wake up time now. With the boys waking up at 3 or 4 o’clock, thinking it’s time to start the day??? yikes! So, we decided to try this ingenious invention:

This alarm is called OK TO WAKE and can be set for just lights or an actual alarm sound. With just the lights the idea is that all night long the red light is on and that means you have to stay in bed. But at the time Mom and Dad pick, the light will turn to green!!! And that means it’s ok to get up!

we knew this would take some training but thought if we start now we could use this tool for a long time to come. 🙂

We’ve had it for about a week now. And the boys love it!

The first couple mornings William came out to the living room to early and I was able to ask him if his light was green and send him back for a few minutes… I think it was the very first morning that happened just 2 minutes before it turned green so i sat in there and showed them when it changed!

William has started to wait for the light, and usually rushes out just the minute it switches! Poor James hasn’t had the chance to because big brother makes sure to wake him and let him know it’s on :/ So, that’s the next lesson we are working on. teaching him that it’s ok to come out to the living room with Mommy alone and let your brother sleep. PLEASE! 🙂
So, I’m loving this alarm. It makes sense that they need a visual to help them know when it’s time to get up and play or try to go back to sleep for a little while.

They have both been a little grumpy through these two weeks. Mostly, because of missing sleep that first week. and then it was time change Sunday which always gets them a little bit off.

But I’m hopeful that we will adjust to this new shared bedroom adventure. The Boys will have so many wonderful memories (and a few arguments) and it looks like Mom and Dad will survive it too! 🙂

There are a lot of different options with this kind of alarm… check out a few more.

This one is a stuffed animal

And the one we bought comes in a train or a pink car as well! To find even more of them just enter OK TO WAKE, in the search bar on Amazon!

Anyways, maybe something like this could help in your home! what are you thoughts?

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