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It’s almost here, very soon we will be heading back to homeschool.

I have to admit I have loved summer this year. Summer looks a little different as a homeschool family (everything is different really) It’s funny to hear friends, who normally have kids in school, say things about their kids being home with them ALL summer long. and I’m over here like… umm my kids never leave! haha

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But, It has been nice to have the extra time each day, to do all the to-do list, play outside, work on projects, etc. When I think of adding those hours of school back in to or day, I freak out just a little bit!!!

Here on Loveandscribbles, I want to try to write more about our homeschool journey, it’s interesting, because I’m kind of just winging it, so I don’t feel like I have much to offer on the subject. But, maybe some of you mamas out there need to hear that most of us are just making it work however we can. Figuring it out as we go along! Trying lots of things, some that work and some that just don’t!

We’ve got this, maybe…

This month starts our 3rd year of homeschooling. But, this will be my first year with 2 official students! 2nd grade and kindergarten.

I am intimidated by the idea. These little guys are a big deal.. and sometimes the mission seems overwhelming. Honestly, this is the time every year that I start to question WHY we do this at all. It’s pretty much like adding another full-time job onto my already full plate. and when I see other friends, sending their kids to school. I can start to wonder why that isn’t what we are called to. BUT the fact is, we just aren’t and when I’m thinking clearly and not out of my fears, I understand that it is the BEST thing for our family. (and totally cool if it isn’t for yours) And that’s awesome!

Before heading back to homeschool, Mom gets to getaway…..

Nearing the end of the summer I spent a weekend away at the Valley Home Educators Conference in Modesto, Ca. It was a great weekend with a few special homeschool mama friends! The best thing about it for me, every year, is how it kickstarts me into the school year. I always return home feeling motivated and even a little excited about starting the new year.

This year, the theme in most of the sessions I sat in, seemed to be RELAX! Taking more of a minimalist approach and keeping the main things, the main things! This really resonated with me, because I tend to really focus on our to-do list and checking off all the boxes!

I can easily forget the important things in pursuit of finishing textbooks and curriculum.

This author/speaker was at the conference, and I really appreciated her sessions!

Academics ARE really important. But, one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling, is the ability to teach and train the whole person. To focus on character, responsibility, growing in maturity. To create an environment that encourages a love for learning, not just an ability to take tests or finish all the lessons.

SO, on that note. I’m determined to be a little bit more fun mom this year 🙂

yes, we will work hard, and I will continue to challenge my guys growing brains. But, I hope to keep the atmosphere fun and keep our environment full of joy.

So, as we head back to homeschool, here are a few things I’m planning for:

I have selected several “filler” items. Some of these are things that are harder for me to see as learning but in fact, that is just what the boys are doing! and having fun! Making learning fun, between all the book work, is going to be key for us this year. here’s some I’m looking forward to trying:

This Electronic game is going to be so much fun!!! I can’t wait to show the boys on the first day of school! I remember having something similar to this and loving it!

Junior Learning CVC game. What a fun way for letter recognition for our kinder and word building for our 2nd grader!

Kiwi Crate Co. We had these last year and really enjoyed them. Grandma came over and did the science ones with William and I did the doodle ones with him! This year, James will get to do the kiwi ones, and William is going to do the Atlas ones!

We also picked up Studies Weekly, which is a weekly Newsletter, that will hit the state standards in both science and our state social studies! I love that I won’t have to worry about these being met. (and Now I can do whatever fun extra things we want to do in science and social studies.)

We will be continuing to use book shark curriculum for language arts, read aloud, literature, and probably science! They also have some new “hands on history” kits, that look like the boys would love! I’ll probably write a full blog post just on bookshark, maybe after the year gets going and I can really see what it’s like having 2 students doing one core.

William is still liking Singapore math and James will be starting out in Saxon math.

We’ve cleaned out a little space in our “playroom” for school. It’s for sure a work in progress but I think it’s going to be nicer than using the dining table. I’m already loving how it feels more like a classroom to me!

Homeschool ready

This table and the chairs can be pushed against the wall/folded up when school time is over. And there are still toy buckets against the wall too. But, I can use the white board or sit in front of the table. As you can see, I’m still organizing the shelves and all the books/supplies!

Well, for now, I’ll just say goodbye, if you are preparing for a new school year at home. I pray it is a blessed year for you!

Are you trying anything new this year? Any changes you are excited about?


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