Instant Pot accessories

So, you have an Instant Pot now! Yay!!

So you are either super excited and ready to make anything and everything OR you feel a bit intimidated and wondering why you insisted on following this instant pot fad…

well, either way, This post is for you! You don’t NEED accessories to make a lot of things in the Instant Pot but there are some super handy and fun accessories to help from anything from basic meals to fancy desserts!!

Also, if you are new to the Instant Pot, I hope you’ll explore this blog a bit to help you feel more comfortable (or just give you some good ideas to try) like my recipe search engines (most of them are Instant Pot ones) or this very first  review from when I got my first Instant Pot!!!


So here is a list of some awesome accessories:

   (These are affiliate links with Amazon.. shopping through them helps support this blog with out adding any extra cost to you. Thanks!)


Instant Pot liner – A second stainless steel liner can be really useful!

Here’s a 6 qrt stainless, 6 qrt ceramic, 8 qrt ceramic

Spring Form Pan – cheese cakes, brownies, lasagna

Steamer basket – veggies (makes pulling them out even easier)

Also these ikea steamers fit 3 in at once!!!  These are cheaper at Ikea if you have one near you!!

Extra sealing rings – the colored options make it possible to have a designated savory//sweet ring. to avoid cross contamination and smells. Genuine IP rings

  • Be advised, using sealing rings that aren’t from Instant Pot will make your warranty void.

glass lid – use whenever not cooking under pressure – popcorn, saute’ setting etc.

silicone lid– great for when you want to transfer your whole liner into the fridge, like when you are making yogurt.

Red Instant Pot Mitts and oven gloves – ever need to grab your liner or the bowl you have inside the liner (pip cooking) when it’s still hot? yeah me too.. these save your fingers!!!

ramekins – personal cheesecakes ( you can use mason jars too!)

Stackable steamers – great for doing your whole meal at once!!

Egg mold – like the popular Starbucks egg bites but at home!

cover If you want to keep it on the counter but covered! 🙂


I will be adding to this list as time goes on.


  • I do have a LOT of accessories for my Instant pots.. but I have not personally tried all of these.. by the description I believe all these to fit and work well in the IP. Happy shopping!


Don’t have an Instant Pot yet?  Jump on the party train and get one today!! 🙂


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