Hi there Internet world!

This is Deanna Grace. I am so glad to have this place to share our lives with you!

I’m a wife to my forever Love, Ryan! And Momma Bear to 3 awesome mighty boys! Our Princes and Kings, William, James, and David!

I love to share my heart here on this blog, as well as things I think can help others.. Maybe help save time, start a new thing, try a new recipe, fix a problem, or just help someone feel like they aren’t alone! 🙂 The Lord has been so good to me and as I follow Him and learn on this journey of life, I hope I can pass on something of importance to another.

Here’s just a few categories here on Love and scribbles

In Life in General

I’ll be writing about our adventures as a family. We have three boys that keep us on our toes and on our knees!

You will probably quickly discover that I will share the crazy, hard days right along with all of our successful, happy times. You may even think I complain to much (I’m sure it’s true) and make mountains out of mole hills. But one thing you should come to know is that I love this life that I’ve been blessed with. The people surrounding me fill my hours with love, joy, noise, and yes scribbles! I pray that somewhere along this blog you will find HOPE,  JOY, LOVE, and PEACE in the midst of everything!

We homeschool the boys, so I post what works (and what doesn’t) for us, when I can.

What else can you expect from Loveandscribbles.com?

With the help of my husband Ryan, We will be sharing some budget and frugal tips and tricks.

We hope that we can help you save money, and add some peace when it comes to finances!

I plan to share products and companies we love here. And hope you will have fun shopping with me.

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Recipes- Sharing my love for the Instant pot and ways to help save time and energy while still providing yummy, good food for you and your family. Also, sharing my journey through freezer meals and cooking just once for a whole month ~ Cooking Adventures.

Our Kitchen Remodel Diary was where this whole website started, it was a place to share the great adventure of destroying our outdated kitchen and replacing it with a wonderful new one. With a close eye on the budget and lots and lots of help from some awesome friends, we had a blast and documented all of the process! It was really fun and we now have an amazing kitchen!

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