A long overdue update about… everything! :)

Hey there internet world!


It has been way to long! One of the main fears I had when starting this blog is that life would just get busy and I wouldn’t be able to keep up! 🙁 But, I’m still here!


We are 8 weeks pregnant as I type this, and Sickness and exhaustion is a daily battle at this point! My headaches have been pretty bad, but this week seems to be a little break from them! It has been hard to even think about looking at my computer screen and was a main reason why I haven’t posted!

So, let’s see what’s happened….

We made it to the beach! And even tho it was over cast, we had a great family day! The boys loved digging in the sand!

family beach day 20160716_214028645_iOS








I loved our new shade tent we bought on Amazon!


We had VBS last week and the boys had a great time. I got to serve in the infant nursery with my Mom all week. and we enjoyed loving on the babes! 🙂

Then Friday kicked off the Valley Home Educators convention. This was my first year attending and I can see why so many home school families put it in their schedule every year. The first day, Though a little overwhelming was so encouraging! I sat in a couple of seminars about the charlotte Mason method of teaching. I’m pretty sure it confirmed that should be the direction we head for William. It allows for a lot of creative reading and exploring the world around us as we learn!

Here are some resources if you are interested in learning more:


I also sat in on a session about Moms raising boys to be men. (and purchased the book by the same name)  This session left me with tears in my eyes and hope in my heart! How wonderful to find a Mom whose focus is reminding you that God chose YOU to be the Mother of your children. No one else and for a huge purpose! And that God has a gigantic plan for these little guys. And no matter what struggles they face, Our Lord is mightier! 🙂

One illustration she used was the story of David and Goliath. She mentioned that David had fought a Lion AND a Bear before Goliath was even in the picture. And he was a young man at the time.  She said, what if we were his Mom. And what if after the bear, we put our foot down and said.. No way, my little boy is not going out there again.. it’s to dangerous, etc. ?? God sent the bear and the lion to prepare David  for a mighty battle ahead.

She said, ” God may be saying the same things to you about your sons, When we want to take away all their troubles, we need to hear God saying to us that he has to show our sons that He can carry them through these battles because, there’s a Goliath up ahead.”

Wow! right?  I can’t wait to read the book!


I also got to sit in on some seminars about home organization and Schooling with littles in the house. So much great information and tips to take home with me.


That night, the drive home was pretty miserable. I was so sick and my headache was intense. I went straight to bed and the next morning, sadly, I had to decide to skip the second day of the convection. that hour-long drive was just a little to risky with the way I was feeling. Ryan took great care of everything and I ended up staying in bed late into the afternoon!

I already have plans to attend next year and hope Ryan will get to come for part of it too. Even just the displays of all the curriculum and books would be fun to browse together.


The kitchen project is plugging along 🙂 we have had some much-needed breaks for family times and with VBS and everything. But, we are on schedule to pour our countertops in next weekend!!! Yay!

kitchen plugs and outlet


This is so exciting to me!! This is the new outlet and switch for the garbage disposal and it will be under the sink!! It use to be all the way across the room, silly right?




Currently, I’m avoiding the pile of dishes in the bathtub (that’s where all the cool people do their dishes, right?) 🙂  But, the kitchen is looking so great, it’s totally worth the trouble!


I think that about wraps up what has been happened around here..


Oh, I have been listening to this audio book

undaunted audio book

And I totally recommend it!
She is a very inspiring author. Confident in her Lord and His plans for her. and It’s contagious!

I found it on Scribbd..



Well, I hope everyone has a great week! I will be posting the awesome countertop process very very soon!!! yay!


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