A Journey Through Nutrition-Talking Kids & Nutrition

Let’s talk Nutrtion!



We are beginning a somewhat new journey in the nutrition we provide for our kids.
Before I start listing some of the things we are changing let me tell you the why.

Recently it has become very clear that we need to make some major changes in our kids diets.


Here’s a little intro video (Don’t be scared, it’s the real me, no makeup or filters at all) ?

Basically: For a while now we have known that especially our oldest son is very sensitive to sugar and the artificial dyes that are in a lot of foods. But this past couple of weeks has totally proven that these ingredients among other fake stuff really messes with our kid’s brains, bodies and the ability to focus, listen, and even just control themselves.


So we began by throwing out all the candy!! And I started searching Pinterest and all over the internet for recipes and blogs on the subject.

Our plan is to really focus on sugar and dyes.

Follow my board here for yummy sugar free recipes to try! I’ll try to update each pin as we try them, with what we think of them!  https://www.pinterest.com/loveandscrib


My Mom found this great blog with some ideas to help us detox from all the junk.. not just in the food we were eating but also in just the atmosphere around us.

Foodrenegade — How to detox kids daily in 5 easy steps!

Little by little we hope to make a difference with all of this! Summer is a great time to focus on nutrition since we have soooo many great ways to include fresh fruit and veggies in our meals and snacks every day! I have to admit that I get into a rut when it comes to what vegetable sides I serve with dinners… but THIS summer I plan on making sure we mix it up.. a lot! Already I’ve added roasted brussels sprouts, fresh green beans, and Grilled eggplant.

It’s tough to convince the boys at first look or bite but I am not giving up!! We do our best to have them take at least one bite of everything..  and given enough tries, in many cases they eventually decide that they enjoy the foods they were so sure they hated!


So here we go!

If you want to tag along for the ride you are always welcome or if you’ve already made steps to replace many of the foods your family enjoys please share what has worked for you!


Just a girl, mommying the best she can (and praying through it all)

Deanna Grace



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4 thoughts on “A Journey Through Nutrition-Talking Kids & Nutrition

  1. Cindy Johosky

    I had to go refined sugar free for my ibs-d that I have been battling. I use 1 teaspoon of raw sugar a day (in my coffee of course)! I use alternatives such as 100% pure maple syrup, organic stevia or local honey. Thats it, it has been quite eye-opening. A lot of items say they are “honey” sweetened but there is usually more sugar than honey. I have learned to appreciate cuties and dark chocolate for my ‘sugar fixes’.

  2. Pam

    Yes! I wish I had known the dangers of sugar much earlier in my life. It’s never too late to make changes. My kids are now grown, and we were never huge consumers of sugar, but I have a sweet tooth and a weakness for ice cream. Sugar is such an inflammatory, dangerous thing to eat, and I am always hoping to do better.

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