You are mine and I am yours- mariage

I Am Yours and You Are Mine!
Marriage is my favorite thing!

Isn’t it the craziest, coolest thing ever? I mean, you get to pick this person (and they pick you!!!) to spend the rest of life with, all the adventures, all the troubles, all the joys.. together!! I’m so thankful for marriage.


I think there comes a time in every marriage (ok, more than once) where you have to look at your life partner and say, ” I chose you! And I made a good choice.” Seems simple right? But sometimes it isn’t, sometimes you have to remember why…. why you were/are attracted to that person, how it felt to first place your future dreams in them.
And then continue on confidently in the choice you made.

Sure, maybe there are things you would change. Maybe you misunderstand each other more than you ever imagined you would. Or maybe it feels like you’ve had to set those early dreaming days aside for awhile.

But you know who’s really good at changing things?
Here’s a hint: It’s not you or me 😉
Jesus knows. He sees. He hasn’t finished writing your story!

I mean,  I’m looking at my love and saying, if I had to be deserted on an island, I’d pick you to be stranded with and I know we could make it all right… some of you may be thinking well of course that’s the obvious answer.

But stop a minute and really think about it… What if everything is gone… community, extended family, church, friends, work.. whatever your outside support system looks like… what if one day none of those things are there or what they use to be.

As life goes on and things change it can some times feel like you really have been dropped onto a deserted Island. Loneliness can cause you to feel like there’s no one on your side.. except wait!! There’s my husband!

marriage fun

In fact it wouldn’t hurt to let your partner know that you are glad you chose them. That you don’t feel “Stuck” in marriage with them but you would choose them all over again today! Maybe sitting and dreaming like you did in the early days would be a nice way to show each other that you are excited to jump into the future whatever it looks like with each other!

In the beginning of everything, we were full of plans and dreams, we would sit at my parents house and just think about it all.. our wedding, where we would live, trips we would take, things we could do together. Just being together!!

Life has a way of getting more and more complicated and busy, and it’s easy to put the dreaming aside while you’re living out some of them!!  But, I don’t think we should stop!

As 2018 has quickly began and you are looking ahead to the new year, perhaps take your beloved aside and dream about what’s coming! What do you want 2018 to look like? How can you invest in your marriage? What goals do you have for the two of you, how about for your family as a whole? the house? Will you save for something specific this year? Are there any big birthdays to plan for ? I’m sure there will be lots of adventures… why not just sit for a bit and talk about them?!  My husband may roll his eyes a bit ( I see you :)) when I exclaim with excitement, ” Let’s make a list!!!” ( I do love my lists!!) BUT, the other day I found my list from last year about what our goals were heading into 2017.

I had listed something for each of our boys to accomplish as well as goals for us and our home.. etc. It was so much fun to look back and see what we had actually done! And yep, we are making a new one for 2018!!

I guess what I really wanted to say in this post today is.. If you have a partner in this life, and you are thankful to walk through it all with your hand in theirs.. marriage encouragementthen stop and tell them. And if maybe thankfulness and partnership aren’t the first words you think of about your marriage relationship…. Then stop right now and think about the things that are still true about what and who God has blessed you with! Say a powerful prayer for them and you and dream together again!


well, That’s all for now, Got to go kiss my Man! 🙂

Deanna Grace  I am yours Photo cred for our beautiful wedding photos goes to Jennifer Eileen Photography! 

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2 thoughts on “You are mine and I am yours- mariage

  1. Sydney

    Wow, this really hits home for me. I may not be on an island but I’m certainly removed from EVERYONE and everything I grew up with…with a new baby. This past week I’ve been reflecting on why I love my husband and am so grateful that he is the one I am so far away with. If that makes sense. Jesus has definitely grown me, us, and it’s encouraging to see this post confirm what I’ve been learning!

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