throw away my instant pot

Should I Throw away my Instant Pot?

Perhaps you have heard the news and now you are asking yourself,

” Should I throw away my Instant Pot?”

Recently it became big news that some products from Instant Pot have been recalled. There has been a lot of confusion surrounding this recall and I’ve even heard of some people suggesting that everyone should throw their pot away!

Please DONT! 🙂 The recall is real, but most likely does not affect you at all. And here’s why:

Instant Pot (the company that makes the very popular pressure cookers) has quite a few different products under their brand name. The product that was recalled was NOT any of their pressure cooker models.

It was a mulit cooker called the Gem and it is only sold at walmart stores. It’s sort of like Instant pots version of a fancy crock pot, if you will. With the Gem you can do things like steam rice, roast, and slow cook but does not pressure cook! Anyways, I don’t know a lot about it… mostly because with the many pressure cooker options offered by Instant pot, I don’t see a need to have one.

But, if you happen to have the Gem Mulit cooker.. then yes it was recalled ( you still shouldn’t throw it away, you can take it back to walmart)
You can see the official recall notice from consumer reports here.

Instant Pot Gem Recall Details
The recall: 104,000 Gem 65 8-in-1 Multicookers. Affected batch codes include 1728, 1730, 1731, 1734, and 1746. The batch code is printed on a silver label on the bottom of the multi-cooker.

If you own an Instant Pot pressure cooker like many of us do…. please please keep cooking!!! Of course, if you really don’t want it, you can send it to me…but there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t use it and LOVE it!

If you are one of the many that owns a instant pot but don’t know what to do with it.. you can check out some of my posts and recipes here:


I’d love to help you fall in love with this “magic” appliance like I have ( I have 2 now!) What have you tried in your Instant Pot pressure cooker lately?

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