Sugar Free Snacks-Pineapple Whip & Granola Bars

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One thing I’m pretty serious about along this nutrition journey is that I don’t want my kids to feel like they “miss out” because they can’t have the sugar and junk. So I am determined to find fun, exciting snacks and treats that are still healthy!

Note: technically these shouldn’t be considered “sugar-free” snacks since they have honey in them.. maybe more like refined sugar free? ?


Pinterest is an amazing tool! So many creative people to follow!

We found this blog post on Pineapple dole whip ( like the kind you can get at Disney land!)

It was quick and easy to make and the whole family LOVED it! Oh and we didn’t have coconut milk so I just used Almond Milk and it was still wonderful!








Need a Ninja to whip this up?


We love the Ninja!

Next up, I wanted to replace the granola bars that my guys eat everyday! They have 8 grams of sugar in a tiny little bar and I’m not quite sure how the nutrition value really stacks up….. so…. back to pinterest I go…

1st off, I need this recipe to be incredibly easy since I’ll have to make it often, also I needed it to be something that the boys can still grab on their own while I’m either still in bed or getting ready for the day or whatever!

These Granola Bars here can be individually wrapped and stored in the fridge.

We used peanut butter instead of almond butter, mostly because I had peanut butter.   I used Sugar free Chocolate Chips I found at Walmart!

This recipe does have honey in it. At this point, I think I’m ok with local honey for the boys, in moderation. I did add a little less than the recipe calls for, mostly because I’m trying to change the boys expectations of things being so sweet!

And for the second batch I think I’ll double the recipe and use a sheet pan instead of an 8 x 8. I don’t think the boys would mind them being thinner (the first batch came out really thick)  and my oldest wished they were shaped like the store kind  (more rectangular) ?

Anyways, after getting over the shape of them, the boys loved them!

I forgot to take a picture and the first batch is already gone!!!

But we just made the second batch so here’s some pics of the process!




This time we used sunflower seeds instead of almonds (because that’s what we had).



Now that they are thinner.. I did notice they crumbled pretty easily.. so I want to figure out a way to bind them a little better.. next batch! ?


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