Shopping Amazon!

We love love love Amazon!

There are some great deals, handy items, and super duper discounts on Amazon! For us paying the annual fee for Prime Membership pays for itself just with Christmas shopping let alone our regular monthly spending…


I plan on showing you all some of the awesome features on Amazon like:

Prime Membership benefits *hello free 2 day shipping!!

Subscribe and Save discounts

Prime Pantry

Prime Now (in  certain locations)

Buying items used at an additional discount

Prime Family  (Get a free 30 day trial here!)

And so much more..

but for now I’ll share this link so you can browse for yourself and then check back soon to hear all about our love for Amazon! 🙂


  If you already know you want to join Amazon Prime click this link for a FREE 30 day trial!





** A little info about Affiliate links: This link is an affiliate link, If you shop through this link Amazon gives me a small commission.  It’s Amazon’s way of saying thanks to me for recommending them to you! It doesn’t cost you anything and tho it won’t be sending our boys to college someday, it will give me a chance to buy a starbucks, so thanks for shopping!


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