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Rotita is one of those stores you see advertised on facebook and google. You know, I never know what to think about those kind of shops but they had some cute things so I took a chance….


I bought a bathing suite for this summer since I need one that actually fits 😉 and not quite ready to invest in an expensive one just yet since I’m still “shrinking”


It has arrived.. first of all you must know that this comes from china and so shipping can take a while, so be patient!

Second, be sure to measure yourself and not just guess your size when ordering through sites like these because they are foreign sizes most of the time….

The material is definitely not super high-grade, but of course I knew that I was getting a $24.00 suite not one that costs $150.00. So I wasn’t surprised… still it is good enough, pretty cute and I am happy with my purchase! I think it fits well and I hope to order some of the other cute things I’ve seen on their site soon!

They have lots of summer dresses, cover ups and things that look really fun!

Check it out


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