Seriously Easy Instant Pot Greek Yogurt!

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I am so excited about Instant Pot YOGURT!!!

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Let me just pause right here and say, I never really expected to get into this kind of “everything” home-made kind of home making… and this project intimidated me a lot! but now that I’ve made it once, and wrote down some notes for next time, I am so beyond excited!

It is pretty fun to provide home-made goodies for my family, and it’s especially nice when you can find recipes and methods that have already been ironed out!


I wouldn’t have even attempted to make yogurt if it wasn’t for my amazing Instant Pot! Man, I love this thing! Best Christmas present ever! (Thanks Babe!) From applesauce, to a freezer full of dinners, making my lunches a breeze and now even making yogurt… The Instant Pot has been (dare I say it?) life-changing!  If you aren’t familiar with this miracle appliance 😂 You can read my previous posts about it here.

I was nervous to take on yogurt. So, I’ve been looking into it for a while now and preparing myself for the task.

I started with buying just a few things

(some of these you don’t really NEED, but if I’m going to do this on a regular basis, I see it as an investment).

I found these jars and ordered them through Amazon.

I’m hoping the straight sides will make it easier to get every last bit out! And just look how pretty they are!!!!





I also purchased some replacement rings for my instant pot.

This is pretty necessary if you use the Instant Pot as much as we do. Because the original one smells a lot like onions and other savory flavors and I read a few reviews that said their yogurt came out with a hint of onion because of using the same ring. So, now we have a designated yogurt ring!

I also picked up some rice strainers (similar to these on amazon)  If you have a regular strainer or colander you can line it with coffee filters or cheese cloth and it will work just as well.
Just make sure it will sit on top of a bowl or pan so you can catch all of that whey as it drains!  




You could buy an extra insert for your Instant Pot (something I’d like to get eventually)

This would mean you could keep using the Instant Pot during the 8 hours the insert is sitting in the fridge! I sure thought of a lot of things I could have been cooking in there during that time! haha

I used an Instant Pot yogurt recipe from This Old Gal ( I’ll post the link below) and although it is a long process, it’s not a ton of hands on time, mostly just sitting, waiting, licking your lips and waiting….  only about an hour and a half of active participation went into it.  And that was just stirring frequently while it boiled and then as it cooled down. The rest of the time (about 19 hours) it was sitting in the Instant Pot or refrigerator.

The ingredients couldn’t be simpler:

1 Gallon of Milk

2 Tablespoons of plain Greek Yogurt (with milk and live cultures being the only ingredients)

I didn’t take any short cuts with time for this batch since it was my first. but, I do think some of that sitting time could have been shortened.

After boiling the milk and then cooling a bit and mixing in the starter yogurt it was in the Instant Pot on the yogurt setting for 8 hours, then I took the insert and set it right in the fridge for another 8 hours. After that I took it out and put the yogurt in the strainer and left it straining in the fridge for about 3 hours. ( straining the yogurt makes it Greek yogurt and is nice and thick.) My only concern about cutting out some of that  incubating time is that some say the longer it sits the more mellow (less tangy) the yogurt becomes.

For this first batch I bought 2% milk and a store brand Greek yogurt. Some reviews state, using whole milk will produce a thicker/creamier yogurt. And also, I wonder if using a fancy brand of plain yogurt for a starter wouldn’t make a difference as well. Maybe next time I’ll splurge on some!

So for this batch I spent $ 4.20

$3.78 for a gallon of 2% low-fat milk ( Great Value brand from Walmart)

$3.78 for 32 oz plain Greek yogurt ( Great Value brand from Walmart) I only used 2 heaping Tablespoons and froze the rest in big ice cube trays for future starters. so I got about 9 portions out of this container making each one about .42 cents. ( I gave this ice cube job to my wonderful 5-year-old assistant. So, I’m not sure if I could have more portions out of this container.. some may have been sampled in the process! 😘)

This batch yielded 14 (5oz) jars (after a lot of taste testing from everyone haha)

So a grand total of $0.30 cents a piece before the fruit mix-ins.

I am really excited to have this available for my family and what a savings!!! We have been buying single serve yogurt for Ryan to take to work every day at $1.00 or more a piece and the boys and I eat up a big 32 oz tub super quick and how awesome to know exactly what is in the stuff we are enjoying!??

Next time I will also probably flavor most of the batch with vanilla. I think this is done during the incubation phase so I’ll have to see if it’s possible to leave some plain for a scrummy sour cream substitute!

Either way, I am hooked!!

I didn’t take as much time to think about the mix-ins but the possibilities are endless! This time I used fresh strawberries in most of them! We are so lucky to have the best strawberry stand just down the street!

I also had some blueberries and mixed berries in the freezer so those went in a few as well! For the guys I added some honey! Mine, I’ll either eat plain or mix in some powered xylitol.

Other ideas for next time:

Pineapple bits, cherries, peaches, any marmalade or jams, coco powder, peanut butter flour, granola.. so many things!! aaahhh!

What do like to mix in your yogurt?


Ready to give it a whirl? Here’s the recipe from


NEED an Instant Pot?


Need some accessories for your amazing Instant Pot?

I have a page here just for that! (My wish list is always growing!!)


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