Gift cards and saving money!

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Did you know there are websites out there that have discounted gift cards for sale????

Sometimes you might get a gift card to a place you don’t like, or maybe don’t have a location near you or something… these sites will buy them from you and then sell them to people who want them for a discount. Its genius really!

There are a few websites out there that list sites with gift cards. But I want to caution you to make sure you know the companies policies for getting what you are expecting and returns and such!


We decided this could be a way to help us save a little in the kitchen budget since we knew we would be buying a lot of products from Home Depot and Lowes. We ended up saving  a good size chunk and had a great experience with one company in particular,


Check out the selection here!


We have only purchased gift cards for those two hardware stores so far but there are sooooo many different gift cards to choose from, we will definitely be buying more…  how about restaurants? Starbucks? Grocery stores? Going on a trip soon? how about saving with hotel and travel gift cards before you plan it?


A little about our experience….

One of the e- cards we purchased for Home Depot was delivered to my email but when I went to purchase something online it came back with a 0 balance. Since this card was suppose to be for nearly $500. I started to freak out just a bit.  I spoke to someone on Home Depots live chat, they checked the balance and said they also saw a 0 balance and that the remainder of the card had been used in some store in Georgia. ( I had this conversation emailed to me for my records) I then called Raise customer service and held my breath, hoping for a good experience and a quick fix!!

It was wonderful!! I explained what happened and without any trouble at all they said they would refund us the amount we spent on the card!!! He was glad to hear I had checked with the store first and had a copy of my conversation.. I forwarded that to them for their records!!

The whole interaction was pleasant and painless! Our refund was credited to our account within a couple of days. and because it was so great and they really stand by their 100% guarantee so we decided to keep shopping with them!  I think you’ll enjoy saving with as well! So, check it out

(So far we have saved $245.00 at stores we would be shopping at anyways for our kitchen!!)



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